Berkeley fun and funny Thursday

Berkeley has a north part of town and in that part there is a bookstore. There are books now on whether Alexander the Great was assassinated by his guys, on the abduction of Sally in 1948 that allegedly inspired Nakobov to write his Lolita story, and the story of a man who was raised white nationalist but who was invited to some weekly Sabbath dinner and then he gave up his misguided and unwise heritage or ideology or whatever one calls it.

I did not read the book. I just read the summary. I do not know if the guy has become of Jew by belief and action.

If and when Brett Cameron reads these posts or when others like him read them, my suggestion is that you take a hint from the Jew who invited Derek to the Sabbath dinner. Violence and threats of harm have less effect than loving friendship or showing a person the better way.

If you or someone were to believe that I am substantially wrong, then, invite me to dinner and show me how you live and that your way works way better than mine.

I have a Christian friend and she is a great friend and her daughter is praying that God help me know to not take photos of people. My friend also suffers from depression and has for years and years.

If a person has such psychological lacks or problems, then, it is not going to work to critique much my taste in art. I enjoy appreciating some of the women who are cute and revealing and I pray that God bless them. Does my small bit of joy in finding someone cute or pretty contribute to my better mood? I think so.

In other news, ha, ha, I was walking in Berkeley today and around 5 I stopped in at the McDonalds. There was a set of high school kids and one girls was in shorts that showed part of her butt. I thought that was fun and prayed that God bless and help her.

However, my question is, Does the Berkeley HS prohibit that or did the girl change at home at 3:30 or 4 or did she get away with a mild infraction of the rules or is Berkeley liberal about the height of the hem on the shorts while in school?

It seems that I have no idea and I seem to be unable to read a Berkeley dress code.

I was not offended, if it matters. I think it was fun, but is the fun normal for Berkeley or a minor distraction? I do not know!

In other news, the African American woman was on the street singing today, but not any of my suggested songs!

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