Berkeley, ha, ha, ha

There are apparently some clothing optional beaches in the area but they seem to be on the San Fran side of things and to get to them you must go over a toll bridge or use the BART. BART is the BAY area Rapid Transit which consists of train-like things running either in tunnels or elevated.

I have not decided if I wish to drive over a toll bridge to visit the clothing optional beaches. Oh, well. When I have more time and money, I am sure I will get to it, but as for now, I have not decided.

Anyway, instead, today in Berkeley, near the north shopping area, a woman who seems to have been older than I am but younger than my mom, if we guess based on her having graying hair, was pushing around and then riding a bicycle.

She was in a short skirt (or dress) and the short skirt and the skirt was short enough that either the wind or a change in posture revealed a portion of her butt and the absence of visible undies.

Oh, well! Ha, ha. Probably a technical infraction of the Berkeley indecency code . . . I did not call 911 to let them know that elderly woman butt revealing was taking place. She was slender or height-weight proportionate . . . Other than her hair being gray or graying, she was not particularly old in appearance.

Walking on the sidewalks of downtown Berkeley there was a woman one day who was yelling and screaming at passerby. I did call 911 about the woman who was seemingly deranged for what we hope to have been only temporarily.

As I was finishing up the phone call with 911 about the deranged woman yelling into the air and at people, another woman near me thanked me. She said that if I had not called 911 that she would have done so.

We talked for a few minutes about safety ideas. She says she was once somewhat recently bothered by a man in the parking lot, acting deranged, and trying to place himself between the woman and her car.

So you wonder why a man would do such a crazy thing or why a woman would be on a public sidewalk yelling and screaming . . .

Some people have some bad “mental health” challenges, apparently.

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