Beth Moore is the conscience of America . . .

There was in Iowa a Christian couple named Odgaard. The Odgaard’s owned their home and they also owned a structure the size of a home used as a chapel, flower shop and art gallery.

A few years ago, the Odgaards has religious objections to or preference against renting the chapel to persons for a same-sex marriage. The Odgaard’s were pursued in court; they were fined; they paid the fine; their rental business dried up even to existing customers; they lost their business and sold the chapel.

So apparently it is not just florists, pharmacists and bakers who are being destroyed by certain discrimination laws, but landlords of church-like property or any property of the type that some might use for a wedding or wedding reception–and that can include property such as a dance hall or the reception area of an apartment complex or anywhere that people might have a party.

The NYtimes then wrote a story about them and others similar to them, claiming that they felt abandoned by the candidates for President and that no one represented them. Yeah, the poor Christians were feeling abandoned by the candidates . . .

The coverage of the campaign in Christian or evangelical news sites is that the Trump campaign intentionally cultivated outreach and a relationship with the churches and the evangelicals. Perhaps the NYTimes did not notice . . . The fact that the VP pick was a man who helped promote a religious freedom act for his state is/was omitted in the NY times article and that Pence took heat from the left on the matter.

After the election, the NYtimes then wrote a newer mea culpa letter in which they said they were going to work on being somehow . . . somewhat . . . conceivably by some stretch of the imagination . . . perhaps . . . more honest . . . and they were going to search their soul to figure out why their news coverage of ordinary Americans–and their concerns–did not reflect the support Trump turned out to have . . .

In October, Beth Moore said that she would no longer support Trump based on his objectifying women. Caught between supporting the ogler and groper in chief and helping reduce the persecution and destruction of Christian conscientious objectors . . . Moore comes in maybe . . . somewhere . . . just generally neutral.

In 2004 there were some people who felt that it was not a great idea to support Bush, based on the fact that there were no WMDs found in Iraq and what is more, sooner or later Bush himself went around making one or more jokes about it . . . Of course, to her credit, Beth Moore is known for being the conscience of America by pointing out how the missing WMDs and dropping uranium-tipped bombs in Iraq reflect poorly on the wisdom and morality of Bush.

Trump was bad and foolish compared his predecessors and competition . . . He was out ogling dozens beauty contestant women while they were out looking for WMDs . . . or while they were out telling Americans who were landlords, bakers and florists to leave and that America had no place for religious conscientious objection in the matter of gay marriage.

Today, Beth Moore has a number of charitable causes, among them supporting the kids in Iraq who have suffered from birth defects and cancer likely due to the uranium residue the war left behind.

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