Birth of the Dragon

I watched the movie Birth of the Dragon about an important fight in the life and development of Bruce Lee.

This was an interesting and good movie, although the story of the movie is a lot different from what actually happened.  So, you learn the story of the movie and also, if you read on the Internet, the story of what actually took place.

In real life, the fight was a life-changing fight for Lee.  However, there was no great controversy about teaching Kung Fu to Westerners as a cause of it and I don’t think that the opponent was in San Francisco to wash dishes as penance.

There was a fight between Bruce Lee and a karate person in which Lee defeated the guy in 11 seconds and with a fractured skull.  The fight between Lee and Wong took much longer and made Lee think about what could have been done to improve.

In real life, I don’t think that they jumped from this long set of stairs to the floor below, but I don’t know.

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