BLM, police training and crime control

I am reading the story at komonews about the BLM protest march of last night.

Included in the story there is the photo of a gal who has a sign saying White people must step up.

However, I do not understand the message of the sign. What is she hoping that white people would step up and do?

Is it to have some retraining of the police such as seems to have helped in Las Vegas, where the number of shootings of unarmed persons has gone down, thankfully, or is it something else?

I don’t really know if the DOJ mandated reforms for Seattle are the same as the DOJ recommended changes as in Las Vegas.

I don’t even know for sure if the DOJ mandated reforms for Seattle are bad or good. I have not spoken with a police officer who would tell me in what situations he might have made a slightly different choice as a result of the DOJ reforms.

On one hand, I do not believe SPD should tolerate a riot with rocks and molotov cocktails being thrown. SPD is being overly lenient in the case of the riots. On the other hand, for police work in general as in the case of the bad shooting of Castille and the bad shooting in Tulsa and the bad shooting of John T Williams, I believe a police officer needs to not approach as quickly and not place himself in a situation in which he has fear.

If an individual police officer is too close too quick to a situation, he may get himself in a fearful situation in which he believes he must fire or risk dying. So sometimes the better choice is to observe rather than immediately confront or immediately escalate. We have the case of the John T Williams shooting and the case of the confrontation over the golf club. They were both unnecessary as they were done.

A few years ago police in Las Vegas shoot an unarmed man because he was black and because, allegedly, as the officer falsely claimed, the man resembled some previous armed robber. The confrontation and shooting took place in the context of a peaceful purchase in a convenience store.

Since the black man was in fact innocent of the armed robbery and since he was not threatening people, it could have been avoided, but if the Vegas officer wished to speak with him, he could have done so by drawing his firearm and keeping it pointed to the ground while speaking with the guy–a perfectly peaceful guy who happened to be black in Las Vegas and buying some food in a convenience store. I am not going to complain if the officer has to draw his weapon and keep it pointed to the ground while talking with a man he believes to be a felon and then figures out he isn’t and lets him go! Of course, another alternative would have been for the Vegas police officer to have called for backup and to have avoided confronting a man he believed was an armed felon alone.

But you could actually talk to a guy and if you need to, have your gun drawn, but pointed down!

So, what I would like for news media and journalists is that when you see a sign that says white people must step up, what reforms or plans does the woman request?

As for riots such as take place on May day, similar or worse riots take place in other parts of the USA. In some of these riots, persons have been beaten or killed for nothing, or for being white or for wearing a MAGA hat.

If and when you wished to stop a riot, here would be my plan:
A) you need 1 to 10 officers with rifles and sniper training and approach;
b) you need 1 to several willing to walk into the crowd or mob when the crowd or mob has started throwing things to arrest or photograph one or several of those throwing things without their masks;
c) the snipers take out anyone who throws a rock or other item at an individual person when they can do so without risking other lives;
d) the officers who approach the crowd do so with weapons sufficient to protect themselves from persons within arms reach;

Of course, you could claim that SPD officers have a better idea, but the real choice is whether or not a city allows people to throw rocks and molotov cocktails at people. . . or to beat up a person for a hat who happens to exit a restaurant while protestors are walking by.

Really, throwing rocks, bricks, concrete and molotov cocktails has got to stop. Really . . . really. Once a year someone says “really” to me while I am walking at Greenlake in little clothing, but as for throwing rocks, bricks, concrete and molotov cocktails at a riot, the word “really” is appropriate. As in, This is really bad and must really stop.

Seattle had a mardi gras riot in 2001. There was a man who was a good Samaritan and he attempted to help a woman who was being assaulted. Police had kept their distance from the riotous elements. The Good Samaritan man was then beaten to death by the rioters. There was one woman half nude photographed while being groped and fondled by 2 dozen men. I don’t know for sure, but I assume some of the fondling was not with her consent and was morally and criminally bad.

Wiki says:
Kerlikowske originally ordered the police at the scene not to intervene, instead maintaining a perimeter around the growing violence.[8] The City of Seattle acknowledged that the police strategy during the incidents presented a public safety threat, and the City made an almost $2,000,000 settlement with Kime’s family.

OK, so, SPD’s idea of the perimeter without intervention was a threat to public safety. The question you have is how to protect an officer who does walk in and among the crowd or mob. How do you protect an officer who walks among the ungovernable group of MayDay or a BLM protest in San Diego where blacks just beat a white man with a MAGA hat? You may need to draw your weapons. I would use swords and rifles, but what do I know?

In the past few days a man with MAGA was chased, hit, kicked and beaten for exiting a restaurant in San Diego county where there was a BLM protest going on. In the past few weeks, a homeless man was beaten for being white in charlotte. In the past few days, a military veteran was ambushed for being white in a BLM area in Charlotte after leaving a restaurant. We’ve got anti-white ethnic cleansing going on in areas of some BLM protests.

Police need walking among and with the crowds. Police can’t control the crowd if they are on a perimeter. They can control where the crowd is but they can’t control the members of the crowd beating people up within the area of the crowd. So, I would walk among the crowd with weapons ready.

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