breitbart not responsible re risk protection orders

I read news of various types and from various sources. I read news from mostly conservative websites, but I occasionally also read huffingtonpost or cnn or abc, etc.

Breitbart has an article up in which some columnist criticizes the Republican governor of Arizona for advocating the adoption of a risk protection order law, with one purpose being to help make schools safer.

The Breitbart columnist then lists several mass shootings that would not have been prevented by the use of such a law, as if that is relevant.

Would a protection order have helped to have saves in some cases?

I think so. It is not proven, but it seems so. Together with protection order laws the public needs to be informed and to occasionally be willing to call police or request such an order themselves.

The most obvious and local case is that of the u-district shooter named Stawicki. Stawicki had beaten his gf but without being convicted and was known for getting enraged, was disgruntled and reportedly had been asked to leave one or more bars for being drunk and disorderly. Supposedly he may have tried to interfere with the gf reporting the violence against her.

And this is a guy who had a legal concealed carry permit at the time, if I recall correctly.

Several school and theatre shooters had behavior that was so bad that a risk protection order could have been easily created and should have been created: James Holmes of Colorado, Nikolas Cruz the Florida shooter, Kip Kinkel, the shooter of the school Sandy Hook in Newtown named Adam Lanza.

People can always say you wonder how to sort people out into dangerous and fairly normal. If you say hi or talk with 98% of people, you will know, I believe. I exhibit mild unusual behavior, but no one who talks to me has unnecessary or unreasonable fear that I would act violently without good cause. In fact, tis a bit funny, but you wear a sword and dozens of people will enjoy saying hello to you, either to check on your mental stability or to learn about the sword! Tis great!

On the other hand, there are guys with guns who have anxiety, who have free floating anger or who drink alcohol and get in conflicts in bars. The average police officer who is not paranoid and the average mental health person who is not paranoid himself or herself can figure out which is which.

The dad of Adam Lanza says he had suspected for some time that his son might in fact be schizophrenic, in addition to the other things wrong with the son or that the son had or manifested.

And, by the way, there are evil demons, or so it seems, and some people make foolish choices to indulge demons. A significant portion of bad mental health conditions result from lack of knowledge or awareness of the Bible and a significant remaining portion result from kooky lifestyle choices, such as not exercising or creating or appreciating art.

There are nearly a dozen minor choices that some people make or neglect to make, and these things are proven statistically to dramatically help one’s mental health . . . I am not sure if getting caned is one that people generally recognize as proven, but even if we eliminate that one from the list, there are plenty of others. Exercise, art appreciation, art creation, being grateful, keeping a gratitude journal, listening to edifying music including at times Mozart, meditation are factors.

One set of authors of a study say, “There is now compelling evidence that a range of lifestyle factors are involved in the pathogenesis of depression. Many of these factors can potentially be modified, yet they receive little consideration in the contemporary treatment of depression, where medication and psychological intervention remain the first line treatments.” 

I will guess that 1/3 of the population or more is mentally ill, if we include undiagnosed anxiety and unreasonable paranoia and free floating anger and the desire to control others.

If people were to try Bible reading, church attendance, critical thinking, prayer, meditation, exercise, art appreciation and getting caned, then, the rates of mental illness and paranoia and anxiety and free floating anger would go down. But who would believe me? Not many and that is ok!

When a guy is on the sidewalk yelling, screaming or making a commotion at no one in particular and with no good cause, call 911 to check on him. When a guy does other weird things, then, sure, call police to evaluate him for signs of danger. 90% of the time, the police are not paranoid and can figure things out.

“In the largest ever study of its kind, the researchers in partnership with the Northern Ireland Music Therapy Trust, found that children who received music therapy had significantly improved self-esteem and significantly reduced depression compared with those who received treatment without music therapy.

The study, which was funded by the Big Lottery fund, also found that those who received music therapy had improved communicative and interactive skills, compared to those who received usual care options alone.”

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