Bridge of Spies

I saw the movie Bridge of Spies.

I saw it last night at the Lincoln Square theatres in Bellevue.  The movie was showing to a room that was nearly completely filled, but it was at 6:45 at night on a Saturday.  Perhaps movies theatre rooms get more filled at such times than other times.

I enjoyed seeing the movie and it is irritating to read some of the minor critiques of it, claiming such things as it is a box office flop or that it is substantially inaccurate.  There are some very frivolous critiques of it found at in personal comments in the discussion forum.

The idea is very interesting that a good man, one who is even noble, would resist outside pressures and try to do what is right and as a result be misunderstood, hated and attacked, but afterwards, his suggestions and gifts are necessary, useful and save lives.

Anyway, this is a very interesting form of good triumphing .  . . one that is commendable and a moral education for police, judges, prosecutors and all ordinary people.

We see it and you wonder if we had executed the Russian spy, and then they had executed the American pilot, how badly would things have gone differently?

Also, one interesting thing is that because of his goodness and courage and care for the Russian, when they are at the bridge and about to cross, the Russian waits a few minutes on behalf of the American lawyer to help induce the other side to release the American student who is an innocent bystander wrongly accused.  And it works out.

It also makes me wonder how and why the US Supreme Court decided to uphold using the evidence gained in a search without a proper warrant.  At least as portrayed in the movie, it looks like a bad decision–not just legally bad but morally bad.  I will have to learn more about this.

If the movie is somewhat accurate, I would feel badly about the absence of morality in some American courts though I already regard them as only intermittently and unpredictably moral.

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