Calderon and zaitzeff sentencings

Francisco Calderon was recently in the news at various times and one of his times was when Seattle chief judge Ed McKenna sentenced him to more than the prosecutors had been asking for.

The prosecutors asked for Calderon to be sentenced to the time he had already served, which was about 50 days, after Calderon had attacked a random unknown person for no good reason. Calderon reportedly has a long history of crimes including various assaults on more or less or completely innocent people.

After my conviction for the alleged assault, for using pepper spray on a man who is a thug and a bully and one who uses threats of violence when he does not get his way, the prosecutor asked that I be sentenced to 4 months in jail, or, what would be, about 120 days.

I had no previous convictions of violent crime and there is/was a conviction for wearing a sword in public, which Seattle frivolously calls an illegal use of weapons.

Now, why would I be sentenced to more than 100 days in jail while a repeat violent offender has a prosecutor’s recommendation that he only have a sentence of 50 days or 70 days or so?

One man attacks people randomly and gets what seems to be repeated breaks or gifts of mercy from the Seattle justice system; I, because I am not mentally ill, and because I stood up for myself against a thug, who said he would be robbing me, got a recommendation of 120 days from the prosecutor!

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