Calderon, Seattle justice and zaitzeff

Fransico Calderon of Seattle has reportedly been CONVICTED 14 times of assault in our area, it appears. In the most recent of the 14 CONVICTIONS, the prosecution recommended a sentence of, basically, time served, to amount to the about 50 days he had been in jail prior to the arrangement for the guilty plea and sentencing.

It appears that some or many of the Calderon assaults are unprovoked, on unknown persons, without any seemingly rational motive other than, either paranoia, flee floating anger or a desire to return to the security of jail.

Calderon has 14 convictions and the prosecution recommends 50 to 70 days or whatever amounts to his time served.

I have one conviction of the same act allegedly causing 2 assaults.

The conviction is for using pepper spray on a man who admittedly says he told me he would be robbing me.

The prosecution recommended 4 months in jail for me, or, about twice the amount recommended in the most recent Calderon conviction.

Let me guess . . . If I start taking meth and I stop reading the Bible and alos thinking like a scientist rather than a deranged, angry and paranoid man . . . and if I shoplift at Bartells and assault security while attempting to escape security . . . then . . .

my sentences would go down.

Have I got that right?

By the way, lets not forget the guy who broke the jaw of another man at a party with drinking. One man placed his hand on the butt of the wife of a fellow employee and had his jaw broken by the husband of the potentially offended wife.

Now I personally do not care if a wife or gal or even a girl in school has her butt patted or felt by a guy . . . At least, not usually. A girl should learn to slap a guy, right?

Anyway, the hubby of the lady decked the drunk guy and broke his jaw. We think he pled to misd assault and his sentence was 5 days in jail, which amount to 3 days in jail because of time off for good behavior.


I should go to parties with drinking and deck a guy who feels up the behind of one of my friends?

Ha, ha, ha. God and I get to laugh and I get to think about the Bible idea that God makes things up to people who suffer wrongly . . . Hey, how about if God actually comes through on the promise or I organize a search for a new, better and more reliable God?

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