Campbell, California

I am in Campbell, California this morning!

This place is richer than either Oakland or Berkeley!

There is no law re public nudity for this city but I will not be bending the nonexistent law anytime soon!

Campbell is a part of Santa Clara county which includes San Jose. Supposedly this county is both populous and rich by comparison with other counties in the United States.

There seems to be a very nice church of Christ in this area!

This place is so rich that the coffee shop has nice and soft chairs!

Oh, with respect to the two guy who might have been following me a few days ago, I was walking in Berkeley yesterday and we passed by each other and they did not act with recognition or awareness of me. So, we do not really know if they had been hovering about in my vicinity to determine who and what and why I took photos!

In any case, if a person thinks street photography is fun, then, Berkeley is a more interesting place . . .

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