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on God and near-death experiences

So, supposedly, after we are dead,  some of us will be asked by God what we have learned and some of us will be asked by God what we have done with our lives, or, in our lives. What I wonder is if I should not have been born at all or in the family […]

How predestination and God’s foreknowledge lead some people to doubt the love of God

The Bible says that God predestines “us” or some people.  The Bible states that God hardens some people. For centuries people have believed in predestination, but some have debated whether or not there is single predestination or double predestination.  Single predestination means that God chose some to be saved and predestined them to be saved, […]

Does God love people? That is a question!

So, if God loves people, why does God create billions of persons whom are predestined to go to hell?  Is it not a bit strange that love would include creating people who are predestined to go to hell? The problems are two-fold.  First, the Bible says that God has predestined us and second, the Bible […]

Exodus 20:2 & Deut 5:6

The following is the wisdom or ignorance of Zaitzeff. At times in the past one or two persons gave me what they claimed were messages from God to the effect that there was a calling on my life to minister and/or that God was preparing me for something . . .  something not very defined or […]