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Exodus 20:2 & Deut 5:6

The following is the wisdom or ignorance of Zaitzeff. At times in the past one or two persons gave me what they claimed were messages from God to the effect that there was a calling on my life to minister and/or that God was preparing me for something . . .  something not very defined or […]

Does God not do things God has said?

Back in 1996 I was browsing in a Christian bookstore in Burien.  At the time I was discussing the Bible and Catholicism with a friend who was Catholic and I was also visiting a local Nazarene church and I had a hope that God would restore a church with the good in it that a […]

What have you learned? future nde thought

In times past I have read a variety of NDEs and in some of them, during a person’s NDE, God at times asked the person one of two questions that may be some of God’s favorite questions.  The questions are or were, “What have you done with your life or in life?” and, “What have […]

100 questions about God and destiny

At times I read near-death experiences or NDEs as they are called by some people. Today I was at the website of IANDS, which is  There is the alleged NDE of a person who apparently tried to kill himself.  I am calling this NDE #1185, because that is the number in the url of the […]