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Should “you” pastor or be a missionary?

From time to time there are people who are thinking of becoming pastors or missionaries.  On the Net there is an occasional essay on the topic of discerning a call to the ministry. Back in about 1998 or 1999, I was working from home making phone calls through the telephone book for some simple thing.  […]

A small question for God

At times I read ndes and some are found at and some are found at other websites.  There is an nde account found at with a date of 12/14/17.  A man was depressed and out of his body for a bit and he was hugged by God and God allegedly said, Go and […]

God and the NDE of Peter Anthony

I recently watched the near death experience (NDE) of Peter Anthony on youtube.  In that NDE, Peter sees good and bad that humans do, as well as dumb things in terms of giving people power in the government who will abuse it and hurt society.  Anthony says that he also see various possible acts  of […]

a conversation with God . . .

Supposedly, if we believe one or more near death experiences, then, one or more people after they die, are asked by God or Jesus if they wish or are ready to return to being alive or go back to earth or something to that effect. I think my answer would go something like this: Not […]