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Operation Red Sea

I saw the movie Operation Red Sea, which is the story of the Chinese Navy intervening to save some of its people in a civil war in Africa, and then, getting some yellowcake to prevent terrorists from obtaining it and making use of it. This movie is reportedly based on a true story. Chinese communism […]

the 15:17 to Paris

I watched the movie the 15:17 to Paris, which is the story of the 3 American heroes who help to stop an evil-doer on the train.  The evil-doer has a rifle, a handgun, a knife and lots of ammunition.  The evil-doer was presumably animated by religious passion to destroy and kill people not suitable to […]

Molly’s game

I saw the movie Molly’s game, which is the story of a woman who organizes some poker games in Los Angeles and New York, and who then ends up taking a small cut of some hands, which makes her games illegal, even though she was trying to do things right. Apparently in New York some […]

the post

I saw the movie the post which is the story of the decisions of the Washington Post to track down and then publish some of the Pentagon Papers, which were a study done under McNamara about Vietnam and America’s role and actions during the Vietnam conflict. Apparently the New York Times published some articles derived […]