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Life the movie review

This is the story of 6 or 7 scientists on the space station who receive a sample of life from Mars.  They try to get the life to grow and it does and it becomes bigger, stronger and smarter and kills them all and then is brought to earth. All life here will die! This […]

wonder woman

I saw the movie Wonder Woman. I am not sure what to make of the movie.  I think the plot could have been way better, I guess. Near the beginning Diana and others are training in fighting and they are fighting with real swords or knives.  This seems a bit abnormal . . . I […]

the God of war

I watched the movie the God of War set in China about a time in the 1500s in which Japanese pirates were plundering the coastline of China and China raised some armies to repel them. This story is interesting in that the Japanese treat women badly and the Chinese, or at least one Chinese general, treat […]