Charles Chandler and public schools

On and off for the last few years I have written about schools in which administration knows or should know that there are large and serious problems with either bullying, rape or both and yet, the school then claims that there is next to nothing that can be done to stop or change things, in addition to what they are already doing.

And I have given the Mountlake Terrace HS as an example, given that a series of rapes are alleged to have taken place of HS girls, on and off campus, and that, from my point of view, the school could have and did not take reasonable preventive steps. These steps would be offering a class on danger awareness and self-protection and self defense such as is found in some community colleges and colleges, and which is similar to or identical to EAAA and which have been found to dramatically reduce the incidence of rape and attempted rape among the women or the girls who take the class.

It takes a few minutes with a search engine for find the information about EAAA and about several similar studies. The HS principal claims that he thought long and hard about preventing rape on his campus and can’t come up with much, if anything, else to have done.

There is nothing additional to be done . . . certainly not educating the girls to recognize danger and escalating danger and give them some ideas and practice in disabling a rapist . . . ideas which by the way, seem to be forbidden by the HS and middle school manuals or policy statements in that school district. Stopping a rapist or disabling him . . . would be . . . fighting.

Of course, if we go by the Brett Cameron and Andrew Lewis theory of personal safety and right of self-defense, the girl who is about to be raped must wait while the rapist runs or walks up to her and the the rapist grabs her first or hits her first . . . If you believe Brett Cameron, no one can reliably guess or know when an aggressor is actually becoming aggressive, despite repeated declarations of his intent and so victims cannot act, except by handing over their goods or running away.

God show Cameron and Lewis the right way.

Anyway, apparently there is a kid in the Vancouver Washington school district who told people that they would be subjected to bullying and sexual assault with the administration turning a blind eye. And now the story of the guy and his warning have made national news on fox.

Anyway, the question is, is it possible that the school admin in Vancouver is that bad? I think it is, given the news reports of other quite bad school administration inactivity. Some of these guys are like Neville Chamberlain and some Clement Atlee must cry that Neville Chamberlain needs to be removed or go.

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