church tolerated version of the three prayer requests!

I wish to request prayer for 3 groups of women. One, there was an elderly woman in Berkeley who was walking with a walker about 2 months ago at farmers market. I was sitting in a chair and she was walking in front of me away from me. I said God bless you, speaking to her. There were other people people also passing by. The elderly woman turned and said she was an atheist but she thanked me for praying for her! If you wish, pray that God help her!

Two, it is in the news that there was a woman reporter who was swatted on the butt at a race and upset and unhappy. If you wish, pray that God comfort her and make things up to her!

Three, I met a Featherette on Sunday at their craft fair who had a very nice smile. There is the Featherette and there are two other young ladies who in some ways either smiled to me or waved or asked my name and were nice! If you wish, pray that God bless them!

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