Cold in Campbell, California

The weatherman is predicting a high of 51 and rain today in Campbell, California!

I have been learning a lot by audio in the car and at times on videos on youtube re the Civil War in the USA and re the First and Second World Wars.

One thing interesting about the Civil War is that Grant favored the cause of the North and previous northern generals had been wishy washy and did not wish to bother the South much. Grant was also known for being fearless.

In the Civil War and in WWI and WWII, the bad guys (the South and Germany and Austria, if they are the bad guys) seemed to be winning many battles in the first 1 year or at times the first 2 years of the war.

In August 1862, the Confederate inflicted a crushing defeat on the Union general John Pope at the second battle of Bull Run.

John Pope said to the federal army in the east when he took command, “Let us understand each other. I have come to you from the West, where we have always seen the backs of our enemies . . .”

Lee defeated Pope in what is called a crushing defeat . . . Pope tried attacking Stonewall Jackson while he was unaware of Confederates under Longstreet also in the area.

In any case, because there is the case of pepper spraying Brett Cameron, and because the case my again be put on trial, I am comforted to know that there have been wars which almost seemed to have been lost by those doing good against those doing evil.

Though, the truth is that even if I were to lose again in the court case, I doubt that I will have actually “lost!” But I suppose that we shall see.

In a case there is a jury and the jury at times will stay after the verdict to explain their views and the verdict. So, either there is useful feedback or the explanation of the jury is ridiculous!

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