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  1. Keisha Stevenson

    I would like to say to everyone. It is a know. fact that when you are walking. or out in public. place things. happen for when. your walking. things move especially. when you have on cheerleading clothes. so if someone. looks at and you. can’t deal with maybe you shouldn’t. be on the cheerleading. squad. I mean really this the United. states. of America. you r free to look. maybe not touch. but I got all time when. I was a cheerleader. and sometimes. I didn’t. mind as long as people. didn’t. touch. me I see it all the time and it happened. to me my daughter. and a list of all kinds of people. and it’s going to keep. happen. to more so just don’t let your kids be in cheerleading. and that’s just that have a great life

  2. Innocent bystander

    Today I was walking with my 4 kids as they rode their bikes at Greenlake (they are aged 6, 5, 3 and 1), and you walked by in nothing but your g-string carrying a “free hugs” sign. I was appalled! You want to make a statement about your freedom to express yourselves, but why should children be exposed to your nudity? Your pubic hair was out for all to see, as was your backside. Please express yourself in appropriate attire. You have a bible verse written on your sign, perhaps you should consider what God thinks about your behavior.


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