comparison of concern re photos of cheerleaders with absence of gun safety training and the lack of rape prevention education including self-defense

Greetings officer Ryan Parr,

cc Jeff Magnan and Ed Holmes

It is nice of you to provide me with feedback about the blog post of mine from July 8th, 2017.

My experience in walking over to the Mercer Island fair included Sunday morning around noon having a young kid of about 9 years old, together with two kids of about the same age, engage me in conversation about my sword and then pulling out an unfired hollow-point suitable for a glock, with the kid saying he had got the bullet from the clip of his dad’s loaded gun.

I walked at Mercerdale Park on Friday, September 15th. While on my walk of about an hour, there were kids of high school or middle school age, and the shootings at high school near Spokane had just in the news.

I asked the kids if any of them had had run hide fight training and one of the five said yes and the other kids said no and did not know what is run hide fight. The one kid who said she had had run hide fight training said it was once, about 2 years ago.

So, apparently we have a bunch of parents who are agitated because of either 1) they have a daughter who is a cheerleader or a drill team member and a photo including her appears on my blog; or 2) they have a daughter who wears shorts in the summer and whose photo appears on my blog or who is in a photo with other persons . . .


these same people have generally neglected to go to my posts later than July 9th and discussing the comment of the 9-year-old kid having easy access to a loaded weapon (Hey; great info! I’ll make sure that the teachers (or the visiting policeman in some assembly) in school know to talk to kids about picking up guns that might or might not be loaded . . . and how people make mistakes with loaded guns!)


some of these same people are apparently happy with lockdown drills done at school that have the result of 80% of their kids not knowing what is “Run, Hide and Fight” or “Move, Escape or Attack.” Or, despite whatever degree that they realize it could be a problem, they don’t write a note on my blog.

In any case, if you or Jeff M or Ed the chief wish to speak with the school board or the school resource officer, try to let the “resource officer” or the teachers know 1) talk to kids about not picking up guns unless they have been trained to shoot and to not point the weapon at friends and family, and to keep their finger off the trigger; maybe don’t pick up the gun at all; and 2) school administrators should be ponder whether or not to include run hide and fight or Move Escape or Attack as part of their lockdown drills. Maybe they already have; I don’t know; maybe they have a good reason for their kids not knowing what is “run, hide, fight.”

There is no telling how quickly, if or when I will visit the school board meeting to ask about these matters, or to ask about what seems to be a general lack of basic, interactive rape prevention education for the girls, in terms of when and how to fight.

But I am sure that on some evening I will not be otherwise occuppied . . . and presumably the school board members will not be throwing tomatoes at me . . .

In addition to taking fun photos of the Sheriff Urquhart, of a green car and of people being pretty, I notice safety hazards. Kids handling guns; kids unarmed apparently approaching a school shooter to verbally encourage him to put down his weapon (as happened in the last 2 weeks) and girls not having been told that they can and should slap the ears of an assaillant are all pretty bad safety hazards and . . .

at least to some people, those safety hazards dwarf the safety hazard of a photograph of a cheerleader or drill team member being on the net.


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