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  1. Det. Sgt. Ryan Parr, MIPD

    Mr. Zaitzeff –

    As I’m sure you are aware, Mercer Island parents are concerned and outraged by your postings of pictures of their children to your site, mostly from Summer Celebration events. If you are not aware, the Police Dept is fielding dozens of calls daily, and these calls are numerous enough to take Officers away from more important matters.

    I am asking you as a M.I. citizen to please voluntarily take down any pictures from your site that depict juveniles from Mercer Island. Although I respect your constitutional rights and am sworn to protect them, I am spending far too much time and energy on this topic and would like to get back to my case load and putting criminals behind bars.

    Furthermore, I am concerned for your safety if you continue to post inflammatory material to the community. Parents are not taking your actions/behavior lightly and may take counter action against you. I would prefer that confrontations are not needed and that you will be a good citizen / community member, and cooperate with this request. If you would like to discuss further, I am available anytime at the attached email.


    Det. Sgt. Parr, MIPD


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