conversations with grocery clerks and knives

I am on Mercer Island near i-90. There is the qfc and there is another grocery even more expensive and upscale compared to the qfc and that is called New Seasons. New Seasons is more expensive that QFC, if that is possible, and also the clerks of New Seasons are chosen to be either quite friendly, liberal or ideologically diverse. In parts of Seattle or Burien, QFC is upscale compared to Safeway, but on Mercer Island, QFC is for ordinary people and ordinary clerks and New Seasons is for people willing to pay more.

I am friendly with a number of the clerks in both grocery stores.

This evening I was at the QFC briefly and then checking out with a clerk. We discussed the upcoming U-district Street Fair and I said I might be carrying a knife and SPD might be seizing the knife or arresting me. We discussed the laws briefly and the guy said, “I carry a knife; is this legal?” and as he said this, he pulled out his folding pocket knife. It was a folding knife of the boy scout utility variety, with a short blade and with multiple extending tools.

I said, “That one sure is. There are others that are longer and more dangerous, but if they are 3.5 inches or less, then Seattle police and others tend to be fine with them and carrying in your pocket is usually fine. When I see you again, I’ll show you others.”

A week ago I was visiting Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks girls wear various outfits or shorts as part of their flirting or distraction behavior and at times I wear outfits back for fun or appreciation.

On that day a week ago at Twin Peaks I was in one common outfit: black shirt, white bow tie, knife and empty holster. Afterward I was driving home and I stopped in at the New Seasons grocery. I pulled into the parking lot and thought to myself, “Hm, I am about to walk into New Seasons wearing weapons.” I wondered if I should change slightly but I did not.

I obtained my usual cookies and was checking out. One of the clerks complimented me and thanked me on my outfit. He said, “You are dressed up! You look good!” or words to that effect.

I said, “Yes, this is one of the outfits I wear at times at Twin Peaks. The girls are in outfits and this is one of mine to look nice. I started including wearing the weapons after going as Indiana Jones at one point.”

On a different day I was in shirt and tie and knife and empty holster and at the Tukwila giant BECU credit union building. I wondered if they would be concerned or if I should change, but I figured that given the context, they would be fine.

They were fine, though I get to laugh about being called “sir” by the bank clerk.

Of course, we don’t really know if he calls everybody sir and ma’am. I don’t know, but the persons who address me as sir are increased when I wearing a holster, not that that is my purpose.

I think I have walked in this outfit at the Southcenter shopping mall once while going to and from a movie, but I don’t absolutely remember for sure. At some point in the past it is reported there was some fellow open carrying a handgun in that mall and police came to talk to him and encourage him to leave or disarm or something. They wondered if he was paranoid or what he was doing with a gun in the mall. I don’t know if they were unhappy with the idea in general or if there is a special prohibition on firearms in Southcenter mall.

In any case, my movie-going visit at Southcenter that day did not result in a police confrontation about my outfit or empty holster.

I’ve been at Twin Peaks many times as Indiana Jones or in a dress shirt with knife and holster. The first time it took a while before the waitress realized I was in the costume of Indiana Jones, although one of her fellow waitresses had asked her, “Who is that Indiana Jones over there?” and she had not known.

On the 2nd or 3rd visit at Twin Peaks while wearing weapons and as Indiana Jones, the waitress did glance down to check on what I was wearing. But usually they do not. Or, at least, they do not check me for weapons carry out in a way that is obvious.

Of course, I also know half of them and so it is easy to not worry about me!


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