cultural topic . . . mid-teens in thongs at the beach

After visiting a certain beach in a certain last seven days, there is raised the question as to whether or not a “teen” would wear or should wear a thong swimsuit or thong underwear at the park or beach. Probably this question is not the most favorite of the questions for the chief of police of Seattle! Ha!

Of course, the other question is whether or not a mid-teen should wear a thong to the park or beach, but that is a question you and I are not in a position to answer with much authority. Some parents may try to control that. Maybe they would succeed and maybe not. I have no idea if the average kid who is 12 to 17 shops for undies and swimwear with mom present or without.

If a mid-teen goes to a swimwear shop in Seattle and is with mom or dad while shopping, she is certainly able to see and choose thongs to wear, if the parent approves and it seems that the swimwear shop will not be opposed.

I was raised in various sorts of conservative churches and in such churches the women and girls do not wear shorts or pants to church or tops that show their shoulders.

When I or some people think of those of age 11 to 16 wearing a thong at the park or beach we tend to think of it as being unusual and potentially a minor scandal, depending on the presence or absence of parental or peer approval. Maybe it is my background, which is conservative.

A normal and reasonable beachgoing or parkgoing choice has changed in the last ten years in Seattle to include women wearing thongs without discomfort or social disapproval or even a question.

Anyway, there is a question at on the topic of 15 year old girls wearing or not wearing thongs to the beach. Several say no but one said she wore a thong at the beach in Europe without a problem or concern at the age of 15 and almost 16 and there were some younger than her at the beach in the same clothing. She said she might abstain from wearing such, if both young and in a conservative area, but in a liberal area, she regarded it as probably ok.

Although this question is probably not the favorite topic of whomever might do any future mental health assessments of david, the answer is that, in practice, if adult women wear thongs at the park or beach, some of the girls between 11 and 16 will do so also. At least, if you walk at Greenlake or other Seattle parks, and if you pay attention, yes, the answer appears to be a nearly certain yes . . . some fraction who appear to be under 17 also appear to be in thong undies or thong swimwear. Not a lot, but there are several every year.

One interesting aspect of this is that it seems that, of the young women under 17 who are in a thong at the park or beach, a significant part of them are with the mom or dad or person who seems to be the mom or dad. You wonder if the mom or dad thinks it strange or peculiar or is simply more European and maybe hispanic.

One year, at a certain park–and please understand that I walk at a variety of parks–there was what appeared to be a family and what appeared to be a girl–a young lady of mid-teen years–in a thong, with no concern or nervousness on the part of the girl, her mom or brothers or sisters present.

No visible social disapproval seems to be manifest . . . though perhaps there may be social disapproval sent my way for noticing the thong wearing choices of persons who are in middle school or high school.

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