Cupertino councilman Paul

Last week I was at or near the Cupertino library. This library is in a larger complex of buildings including the Cupertino city hall. A man walked by in a shirt and tie and perhaps jacket, but I do not remember all of his top clothing. Forgive me for not noticing everything and remembering it!

I think he indicated he was one of the city councilmen of Cupertino. I have viewed now the photos of the councilmen on the Cupertino page and I think it was Darcy Paul.

Given his short biography, this guy is a lawyer who has given some of his time, care and concern to helping the poor and disadvantaged. Cupertino is richer than San Jose and this area seems to have persons of Asian ethnicity as well as hispanics. But a significant part of the people here are Caucasian and some are rich. The vice-mayor seems to be of Chinese ethnicity, though that is a guess based upon her name.

In any case, councilman Paul seems to be a gentle, nice and helpful fellow, though we did not chat long! I have no idea what his politics are other than he cares about poor and disadvantaged persons, though he himself has money! I trust that he is a good guy, though I also pray that God be helping him, physically speaking, if he has any disability affecting one of his eyes! They do not seem aligned normally in this photo!

If and when I see him again I will ask in a gentle way if there is some difficulty! I think God may have very gently suggested, a few months ago, that I also pray for people who are sick and afflicted as well as for women and girls who are pretty or in a bikini at the park. I think I am a bit more aware of signs of physical problems, so as to be praying for the sick and afflicted I encounter.

I assume it is a good or reasonable idea . . . A month ago I prayed and asked if God paid attention or helped when I prayed for people and the request might have seemed trivial to you and others and maybe many people. I got to help the mom with the little girl dancing student. It occurs to me today that I have not asked God much that question that I had been asking Him previously . . . as to whether or not it helps the people I pray for, in the many cases that would seem trivial to some. It still boggles the mind, though it perhaps boggles my mind a little less than other people, since I am from a background in which many people pray and at times for minor things or to be helpful or as an expression of love. I think we prayed for anything more serious than a cold and also for lots of help in a dozen other areas . . .

I and others pray for nice weather for events, for example.

Maybe when I die or before God will show me some good or nice things from praying for strangers I do not. Some of them are just being pretty or nice and some of them have physical problems or challenges.

God help councilman Paul!

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