David is insane–ha!

I got caned yesterday 200 and some strokes and here is a photo of the results . . .  It was redder yesterday . . .

People get caned for different reasons.  I’d walk at Greenlake at times in a post-caning except that I assume, whether rightly or wrongly, that people would be more upset or more concerned.  Some people are prone to assume bad or negative or evil things.

Maybe sometime I will visit some Halloween parties . . .  I almost took time to go to the Seattle “Pulse” party this year . . .  The question is whether or not some people would have wished to swat me; I assume so.

People once in a while claim that they wonder if I am a danger to myself or others.  I am so dumb; I am not sure if this would add to their concerns . . .  The two or three psychological studies done of those who get caned or similar show that they seem to actually be more psychologically healthy in comparison with the general population . . .

I try to carry a sign with a sentence about caning at Folklife and have had a few conversations with people about that; some people enjoyed learning a small bit and people lived with the presence of the sign.  At least, I think it has been 2 years of the past several that my sign at Folklife had a sentence about caning, but maybe I missed 2015!  In 2014, there were some young adults (not sure of their ages, presumably early community college . . .) who wished to learn briefly and one of them actually volunteered to be swatted once with the cane I had that day.  The swat was far lighter than a person would normally experience in consensual caning or in things such as the judicial punishment caning of the Far East.

In my first year at Folklife when I had with me the sign with a sentence re caning, there was a mom and teen girl who wished to borrow my sign for a bit and walk with it . . . and she did and it made her day . . . though I think her main focus was the free hugs part at the top of the sign, and not the sentence about caning at the bottom of the sign, which both the girl and the mom ignored.  The sentence did not say “Cane me” but it did say that people who are caned seem to be happier than the general population, per studies.

In 2013 and 2014, the police were not especially concerned with me at Folklife and paid hardly any extra attention to me.  In 2014, in one other encounter, a wife asked if she could borrow my light “cane” to swat her hus!

I will have to fix a new sign for 2016!


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