david’s dull life

I am David Zaitzeff.  My life is dull and seems to be pointless, other than I learn and experience health problems.  I am learning website design and some programming.

I walk at Greenlake in undies in the summertime.  Some people enjoy seeing me and some people do not cause they do not care and there are people who are irritated about my walking in skimpy undies at Greenlake.  Some of them believe that I have some hurtful motivation for doing so.  I think that some of these people have accused me wrongly, in the sense of attributing to me motives that I do not possess.

I am also suing the city of Seattle in two areas.  One of the suits is to have their anti-voyeurism law found unconstitutional because it is overbroad.  The other is to have their anti-knife and other weapons law also found unconstitutional.

I have two websites which I have created.  They are greenlakewalking.com and greenlakewalking.net.  Greenlakewalking.net is a blog and it is updated from time to time.  At greenlakewalking.net I have begun to discuss other topics than my walks at Greenlake in undies.  Topics have included movie reviews, occasional thoughts about God and my life and reflections about public policy especially in the areas of crime and weapons.

I do not yet have a good plan for updating greenlakewalking.com.  Perhaps I should do it, in part, by including newer photographs.

My life is spiritually strange, from my point of view.  To me it seems that I am a very slow learner, spiritually speaking, and perhaps dumb or deaf spiritually.  In 1996 there was a woman in Christian bookstore who claimed she had a message from God for me to the effect that there was a calling on my life to minister.  In 2004, a fellow I know claimed he had a message from God for me to the effect that God was preparing me “for something,” although the message did not specify what was the “something.”  The fellow said or implied at various times or in various ways that the “something” was some kind of ministry, perhaps pastoring but not fully specified, at least in the sense that the alleged message from God included the words pastor or pastoring.

So, my questions for God are, “Given that I seem to be a very slow learner spiritually, why would God have said, that there was a calling on my life to minister?  Or, was that message just wishful thinking on the part of the woman in the bookstore?  Or, does “minister” mean things so simple as to smile and/or pray for a friend?” and “Given that God helps other people with various things and God helps me so little, or so it seems, why would God have been thinking that I would be pastoring for him?  If there are people whom God does help significantly, would it not be better for them to be pastoring than for me to be pastoring?  The Bible does say that it is not good for the blind to lead the blind.  So, why would God have been thinking of my pastoring, given that I am spiritually so slow?”

Of course, my other question for God is, “How is it that you allegedly create a lot of people knowing full well beforehand that they will be tormented in hell forever, while also allegedly loving them?”

I hope that God is not an idiot who knows people so poorly that he is unaware that I am a slow learner spiritually.  I assume God is not an idiot but the alleged messages from God to me make me wonder how God could be so badly wrong.  I sometimes wonder if God is in need of prayer that some other person wiser than God would help God have more wisdom and not make foolish mistakes in terms of what he expects of me or others.

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