Dearborn Michigan Muslims stone Christians with police standing by

In case you do not know, Muslims in America are on video in a public place in Dearborn, Michigan stoning Christians with Christian literature while police stood by and did nothing to protect the Christians. The video is on youtube.

1) Christians should begin to act in their own self-defense;
2) the evil conduct of the Muslims of Dearborn should be publicized;
3) the leaders of the police or sheriff’s department should be replaced with persons who will put down riots and stoning with the force necessary to stone threats to public order such as the stoning of Christians;
4) all Republicans and all Christian pastors in America should publicize the evil being done or tolerated in Dearborn Michigan–the evil being done by the Muslims while openly tolerated by sheriff deputies or police;
5) Christians who are willing to risk their lives should go to Dearborn to share the faith, with armed escorts.
6) All Republican party leaders and all Republican elected officials that neglect to publicize the Muslim attack upon the freedom of religion and of conscience in Dearborn, Michigan should be replaced with persons who are willing to step up and publicize the evil being done against those Christians sharing their faith;
7) if there are any other similar locations in the USA in which, in public, persons sharing the faith are stoned or attacked while police stand by those locations should be identified and Calvinist or other Christian missionaries willing to risk their lives should go and share the faith, with armed escorts will to protect the preachers.

The video is found here on youtube after searching for no-go zones in america. There is some public gathering and a law enforcement officer present, who intentionally refuses to protect the Christians in Dearborn, Michigan against the stoning.

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