discussion of numbers of photos of concern: cheerleaders v non-cheerleaders

I have just counted up some of the photos which were of or included the minors from the July 8th parade and fair.

There are 13 to 15 of cheerleaders or little and loud (and a few of these include a young friend or friends in the company of the cheerleader) and 3 of drill team members. One or more of the photos of girls does not show identifiable features, either because of her hair or the angle of her face or bod, or because her photo makes her somewhat identifiable to her parents and close friends and not to any one else.

There appear to be approximate four photos of females left and 3 of boys, of which the girl or girls are
1) not a cheerleader or drill team member or little and loud member,
2) not in the immediate presence of one who is being photographed,
3) identifiable by facial features.

That means that there could be about 6 sets of parents of girls (one photo of identifiable girls is of 3 girls) and 3 sets of parents of boys whose boy had asked me to hold the sword and who was photographed while doing so, if we wish to limit the complaints to you of those who are actually parents of a minor shown and not a cheerleader, drill team member or little and loud or in the company of one.

That would make about 6 dad’s of girls and 3 dads of boys.

So, if you are getting a dozen calls a day about the fact that there are minors shown for the post of the day July 8th, 2017, the vast majority of them are from persons not related to the minors depicted.

I know from experience that at least some parents do not object or feel bad and were in fact joyful while a kid of their has held the sword and/or was being photographed while doing so.

Figuring out how we handle 4 photos of a girl (or girls) and 3 photos of boys holding a sword safely and learning a bit about it should not be that difficult. I could guess that no one has particularly objected to the 3 photos of kids holding a sword, but that would be a guess.

It seems to me from what you are telling me that either 1) some of the cheerleaders, if they are shy about being seen or photographed in public, should reconsider being cheerleaders, or 2) you have been taking a lot of calls from people who are not a parent of a minor shown in a photo, but who are part of some campaign to cause trouble.


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