do girls and women engage in flirtatious behavior in my vicinity partly because I will pray for them?

On Friday evening, 12/20/19 I was in the Starbucks on Zinfandel in Rancho Cordova while a girl of middle school estimated age danced or waved her arms a bit. One could suppose that she was a cheerleader or desired to be one. As she was doing this, her mom shook her head but did not stop her!

The head shaking done by the mom was gentle rather than vigorous. The mom was not stopping the kid, but I suppose, might have been suggesting that she was not the cause. It is hard to say. Maybe the mom was a bit mystified that her girl kid was dancing and waving in the middle of this small Starbucks!

If we define flirtatious behavior as that which draws attention to a person, even if there are no words involved, then, I have observed flirtatious behavior by two different girls in Wendy’s and by one other young teen girl dancing and twirling her arms in Starbucks. I suppose that 5 year and 6 year old girls have no conception of flirting in the usual way or a different conception of flirting than do teenagers or adults. I am not sure!

I have observed a woman in a pleated skirt flashing her legs, thighs and behind to those on the sidewalk, while doing so very gracefully and without offense and without police response or even a call to 911, in about 58 degree weather, albeit, thank God, sunny and 58!

I have been in the mall when two women entered and walked to and fro in the mall. One was in an outfit that showed 1 or 2 inches of her behind depending on the moment.

I have been told by girls of one local high school that their Rally day was next week and that the kids would be outside running to and fro.

So, does God or do the angels arrange more of these events than normal because they like the idea of my praying for the women and girls? Wow. I wonder. That would be awfully funny. After the girl in Starbucks on Friday, I wonder!

And now, today, there is a woman who may be afflicted or not well asleep in a chair in the Starbucks! No flirting in her corner! God help her!

About six weeks ago I prayed and asked if it was actually helping the girls and women for whom I prayed at various times, including, especially, those times that I pray silently and they may be unaware that I am praying for them. Maybe it does some good I had not realized, in addition to their feeling warmth and happiness in 60 years or so when they learn that I prayed for them because they are or were pretty and fun!

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