do murders take place because of being in close proximity to a hostile man?

Last year in May it was in the news that there was a white supremacist and/or deranged person on a train in Portand.

The deranged person verbally challenged and abused 2 “girls” or young women who were in Muslim type clothing.

As the verbal challenging or abuse was taking place, 3 men decided to intervene and may have placed themselves between the deranged man and the young women of Muslim views.

Since all we have is news reports and I do not have the official police or investigation report, we do not know exactly what they did or where they placed themselves.

However, we do know that they were, somehow, or got too close, somehow, to a man with a knife, without realizing that the deranged man had a knife.

The deranged man then drew the knife and then cut the good Samaritan men, among whom was an Army veteran named Best and another man. Both died. Best died at the scene and the other man died en route to medical care.

Now, why SPD officers Wood, Hay, Stubble and Keller have the idea that you can safely be within 4 feet of an aggressive hostile man, and that you are safe and not in danger despite manifest hostility and aggression, I do not know.

But, the guys on the train tried it or something like it. Maybe they were even smarter than Wood, Hay, Stubble and Keller and were five feet away when the knife came out rather than 2.5 feet away like Wood, Lt Hay, Stubble and Keller apparently recommend as a safe distance for a conversation with an aggressive hostile man.

We don’t know at this point. Was it 2.5 feet like Hay and Keller expect innocent persons to subject themselves to?

Was it 5 feet instead?

We don’t know, but we know that they are dead. Carelessly allowing closing the distance by a hostile man or carelessly closing the distance with a hostile man got them killed. If they had been 20 feet away from the guy when the guy drew his knife, then, sure, 1 of them might have lived.

Humans tend to make a normalcy mistake. Normally we are not being attacked and so we assume that the next guy who says something to us is “not attacking us” and “not going to attack us.” Humans at times assume “Most people do not have a knife and so I am assuming that this guy also who is using abusive or threatening language, this guy in particular, does not have a knife. . . .”

And, either the Good Samaritans were not acting quickly enough, or they did not believe that it could or would actually happen that a guy with a knife would pull it out and use it, or maybe they were within the 2.5 feet seemingly recommended by Hay and Keller for safe conversations and maybe they learned that you cannot have a safe conversation with an aggressive hostile man at 2.5 feet, if the man also has a knife and is willing to pull it out and use it.

People get themselves killed by being “in close proximity” to an aggressive hostile man who pulls a knife and who is not fully restrained prior to pulling the knife.

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