Does God love people? That is a question!

So, if God loves people, why does God create billions of persons whom are predestined to go to hell?  Is it not a bit strange that love would include creating people who are predestined to go to hell?

The problems are two-fold.  First, the Bible says that God has predestined us and second, the Bible says that God foreknows a wide variety of things including our good and bad moral behavior, and therefore, if we are blessed or cursed for all eternity.

How do we reconcile the idea that God loves everybody with God creating a lot of people who go to hell and who were created by God with the foreknowledge that they would go to hell?

In years past, there were 2 or 3 persons who thought or believed or who in fact said that they had messages from God that I should pastor or minister.  Does God love either me or people in general?  Well, not that I know!  It does not look like it!

Not knowing if God loves me or anyone seems to me to be a serious disadvantage to a person thinking of being a pastor . . .  but what do I know?

If God actually gave messages to me about my ministering in some way, is God lacking in wisdom, knowledge or foreknowledge?  I don’t know, but we could estimate that since I would tend to retire in the next 10 years, speaking of how people usually do things in the USA, then, the time that God seems to have to train and equip me to minister seems to be quite limited.  If we count the time after I am dead then God presumably has an infinite expanse of time.  

But if we look at things from the human perspective and assume my retirement at age 65, God either was not serious about my alleged ministry or God’s time is running out.

It is not me who said I had or would have a ministry . . . a woman came to me in a Christian bookstore with what she said was a message from God to me that there was a calling on my life to minister!

There is Demi Lovato who apparently has had a woman give her a truthful message on God’s behalf about her upcoming music career and there is David who is so dumb and retarded that a tremendous lot of the messages that people give him, while saying that the messages are messages from God, are not even close!

Forgive me for pointing out difficulties that some people would think reflect poorly upon God or what God is alleged to do and think.  But if God does not love me or even if God did and I do not know it, then, there is a serious block to God’s alleged idea that I would minister for him in various ways.

Just saying!

The Bible says to beware of false prophets and it also says to despise not prophesying.  It seems to me to be hard to find out which, if any, of the messages that people have given me on God’s behalf were in fact from God.  On one hand, they are or were encouraging and at times reflected supernatural knowledge; on the other hand, they seem to be, most frequently, quite wrong.

Perhaps, if and when a person receives a message supposedly from God delivered through another person needs to say, I’d like to wait till I’ve seen the fruit in your life over the next several years.


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