Dori Monson and a self-defense failure, Father’s day, June 2018

SPD has safety tips up and the safety tips say,

If someone demands your wallet or cell phone, it is safer to hand it over than to not comply . . .


If someone demands your wallet or phone it’s always safer to hand it over than risk injury.
Youth Safety Tips – Police |

Youth Safety Tips – Police |
Safety tips related Students and Youth


Seattle story of Father’s day, June 2018.

Woman and man walk to Cinerama theatre in Belltown. Deranged man begins to follow them and then starts to verbally confront, accost and abuse the woman.

Woman then takes out an expandable baton and readies it for use. Woman regards man as erratic, unstable and dangerous.

Deranged and dangerous man continues his approach of her and she does not use the baton. Deranged and dangerous man grabs her arms, shakes her. Deranged man takes the baton from her and then uses the baton to hit her dad.

It is a complete self-defense failure, because the woman seems to not have been willing to use her weapon in any way other than to hold it, prior to the time that the man grabbed her arms.

Just having a weapon in your hands is often not enough. What was she doing while a deranged and dangerous man, asked by her to leave her alone, was approaching her and getting close enough to grab her arms?

Perhaps she was checking for her Dori Monson self-defense certifications . . .

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