Dresden and zaitzeff

I am reading the news and it says that there is controversy in the city of Dresden Germany. There have been right-wing German actions there and now I think the city council or some group in Dresden is trying to agitate back against the right-wingers who gather in Dresden and allege the firebombing holocaust against Germans.

In WWII there were some probably morally bad firebombings of some German cities. I somewhat suspect that firebombing Dresden and Hamburg was either a war crime or included war crimes.

Anyway committing war crimes against Germany during WWII was not a good idea and has helped create years of neo-Nazi or nationalist sentiment. It was just foolish; if I remember right, some of the Allied pilots wanted, intended and did intentionally kill civilians.

Anyway, you guys might wish to think ahead of the random 1 in 3 possibility that my assault convictions are reversed and that, if I am retried, I am acquitted.

Now, the possibility is only remote at this point, but lets suppose it happens.

Then, I burn in effigy several Seattle police who contributed by intention and negligence to framing me and one Seattle judge who has contempt for constitutional rights.

And I burn them in the city of Seattle for several years when I am in the area in the summertime.

Have you folks seen the Phantom Menace which is the start of the Star Wars?

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