drugs and aggression

I was walking on and off for several hours in various parts of Seattle yesterday and this was in addition to walking at the gym.

At one point I was walking from downtown up to Capitol hill. At 5th and Pine or 5th and Pike there was a guy who seemed to have a blanket and one might make the guess that he was homeless.

Anyway, this guy approached an empty bench. He screamed and cursed at the empty bench and then sat on it. Sitting on the empty bench, then he continued briefly to scream and curse into the air in front of him.

I called 911 and gave them the information. Man screaming for no rational purpose or reason; please check.

I think this guy is about the 6th guy I have encountered engaged in such behavior in Seattle or environs. I have called 911 to inform them of 1 guy on a MI sidewalk and 4 to 10 guys doing this, at various different times, on a Seattle sidewalk, either downtown or on capitol hill.

Is it because people are frustrated that they yell and scream into the air or at things such as benches and windows and then, before or afterwards, at other people allegedly? Is it drugs that they are using?

I have been in some California cities at various points and in San Fran briefly, but I have not encountered the wandering angry guys there. Maybe I did not walk on foot in the right parts (worse parts) of San Fran or of Los Angeles.

Would it help Seattle to have a law against being under the influence of drugs while in public? Maybe such a law exists.

If a man is yelling an screaming at a window of a storefront or at an empty bench and then at nearby air, is that a long run safety risk if he is doing so while under the influence of some illegal drugs?

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