early prayer request list, Friday, January 10, 2019

I am pretty sure that I will end up with way more prayer requests this week than will fit on the prayer request card used at church on Sunday. At this point I write down 3 of the cards. I give one to an elder and one to David and one to Gray.

Last week I wrote down prayer requests and the prayer requests were for eight pretty or fun women or girls and there was also the prayer requests for two JW women, Kirsten and Lizzie, if I recall their names correctly.

I said I felt a little bit bad cause I did not have as many as in some of the previous weeks in terms of praying for people in known spiritual lack, chaos, confusion or desert. There were the two JWs and there was a guy who is a relative of a man in church who does not know God, but I felt bad for not having more confused or godless guys to pray for!

On Monday I noticed that someone had thrown some milkshake or other sticking drink against one of the doors of my car and I prayed for the dumb dumb that God show him the right way, assuming it was a guy.

I don’t know for sure when the guy threw the drink at my car. I simply noticed it the day after saying that I did not have as many spiritually deserted guys to pray for!

When I was praying for the dumb-dumb, I figured that there are benefits to not meeting and encountering that many people without God. So I am not going to complain or worry about having one or more weeks with fewer persons who lack God that I am praying for!

I would rather have a car with no vandalism and no broken windows!

  1. God show the dumb-dumb who threw some drink at my car the right way!
  2. God help me to be wise and make wise decisions!
  3. If things go well and properly, I may get some free and needed dental care next week. If you wish, pray that God help things go smoothly for that!
  4. I encountered four different JWs who are local to our or your area this week at the libraries. They are Ron and Bruce and Sandra and Melissa. One of the JW women had glittery painted fingernails and that was fun! The JWs were sharing the faith at the library!
  5. If you wish, pray that God bless and help, the smaller girl with blond or blondish hair of Monday who smiled and traded God bless you with me!
  6. God bless the taller girl of Monday who smiled!
  7. God bless the girl of Indian appearance who smiled!
  8. God bless the girl in Islamic covering who smiled! (She did not look my way initially or begin the conversation. She was waiting on a bench with a bin and I asked what languages she spoke and I greeted her in Arabic and she liked that!)
  9. God bless the girl in pink of Monday who said hi!
  10. God bless the girl of Monday in turquoise or some colorful coat who smiled!
  11. God bless Joseph who seems to have Hindu beliefs and who said hi! Joseph is an adult and may be my age or older!
  12. God bless the girl of Tuesday who waved to me!
  13. God bless Colin, a man who said thanks for my praying for him and he needs all the prayer or blessing he can get!
  14. God bless Anne who is my intern in providing some chiropractic care at the student clinic. She is Christian and at times attends a different other church, though she also goes to some bars, but I assume that means restaurant and bar things!
  15. God bless or help in whatever way is best V the local author who writes books referring to magic or Goddess!

OK, so, in addition to the nice and fun girls, there are for this Friday, 4 JWs, 1 Muslim girl in Islamic garb, 1 seeming Hindu named Joseph and 1 godless man who threw some drink at my car.

I do not have much extra money to pay for car cleaning and car repair from vandalism and I will abstain, for a little bit, from wishing to meet and encounter more completely godless men so as to have them to be praying for them!

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