email to Dori Monson re weapons education

From time to time you [Dori Monson] have a conversation on air with a person or persons who are victims of crimes. Or, there are the written stories up somewhere on

Would you feel bad if I ask if you have ever recommended the carry and possession and training in weapons to any of these people?

I have, many times, on air and off the air, and I am not a radio talk show host.

By your abstaining from doing so and by neglecting to tell some people about useful things, it seems to me as if you are partly responsible for crimes that happen, which would have been deterred or prevented or stopped, by the wise use of weapons.

Part of your role or task or mission is public education. Right?

But not about weapons?

The tears and cries of rape victims are partly on your head, if you refuse to teach or at least suggest what they can and should do, that would help them.

Apparently, from what we read, you seem to not believe in a person carrying weapons . . . or you prefer the results of the woman/girl attacked near the Cinerama. Her baton was taken from her and then used against her dad.

That is the Dori Monson method of self-defense?

God show you the right way!

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