Even more Christians in Campbell, California!

There are even more Christians than I might have thought in Campbell, California. Campbell is more fun than barrel of monkeys if you enjoy meeting Christians by surprise, apparently! You notice it as you drive in the area that there seem to be a number of churches in the area and they seem to be of types that might be somewhat healthy!

There is a contrast to what things are like in Berkeley, though Berkeley is fun for some other reasons! Ha, ha, ha. It is a secret. Though, with all these people going to church in or near Campbell, I wish or wonder when someone will be a leader or send a group to Berkeley and study the Bible in the Berkeley coffee shops!

Berkeley and Oakland need some help–hey, a little bit of help, with the walk with God–but, what do I know?

Today is Monday. Earlier this morning there was the group of more than 8 of the Westgate church and I shared additional prayer requests.

Not long after the group of more than 8 left there appeared a guy and a gal. Each had a Bible. They outwardly seem to be a guy and a gal but it turns out that they are husband and wife!

The guy and the gal are kids compared to me and adults compared to those of high school age. They could be as young as late 20s, but of course, I did not ask and the topic did not come up directly. They say that a significant part of those attending the church are in fact college-aged persons in some of the local colleges or universities.

The two appear to be of just over college age and with the slightest effort–or with no effort at all–would fit in with the “kids” of college age. Of course, they might be older than college age. At first glance, they could have been bro and sis or guy and gal or fianceed or bf and gf. When I was up in Mercer Island, I encountered at Starbucks a guy and gal doing Bible study and those two were simply bf and gf, I think! These two are in fact married!

They seem to both be part of the ministry team of a church called the Church of the Valley which they said is in the city of Santa Clara.

They shared some of the stories of their walks with God with me and I shared some prayer requests with them. I requested prayer for Renee Shaw of the Campbell church, for A of the church, for myself and for my mom. Renee and A are people I know slightly from the church of Christ and Renee had the accident in which she fractured or broke several vertebrae. Renee is slowly getting through her recovery process over her injury, though in the absence of a miracle she will never fully recover in this lifetime.

She fell down steps at night with no light in some bnb place while in a different town for a wedding. She has also done mission trips. You wish or I wish that God would be nice and warn people of unseen steps in the darkness. I think Renee has been in a lot more prayer than usual since her accident. We hope and pray that God will bring good out of evil and I feel bad that she would be injured in this seemingly unnecessary and bad way!

I also requested prayer for one or two nice women who had waved or said hi to me a week ago on Sunday, but I think the guy this morning forgot that part of my prayer request! You can always wonder how Christians may respond to parts of my prayer requests that seem to be more trivial than others. Sometimes–often–I do not even mention requests that outwardly seem to be more trivial than other requests, but at times I do. He definitely did pray for me and for my mom who seems to be without God, or at least, who does not pray or acknowledge God at this time.

The guy who is a super youthful elder in fact also prayed for my current lawsuit, ha, and I think he skipped praying for the nice woman or women of one week ago. It was the opposite with the who took prayer requests at the Westgate church on Saturday evening. He prayed for the woman and skipped the lawsuit, which is a slightly disguised title for a nearly identical item, in progress! Of course, if I or you were to observe that the guy of Monday morning seems to be quite youthful to be an elder, someone will recall, I am sure, I Timothy 4:12.

There is Greg Laurie and Greg Laurie I think found God as a teenager. Laurie has a church or churches which is alleged to be or which are alleged to be now the 8th largest in the USA or something like that. It appears that Greg began his pastoral ministry at age 19.

Youth can be fun . . . If and when I visit the “Church of the Valley,” I may meet some “kids” of college age! A lot of youth of college age have a nice attitude. If the kids of the church have the same spirit as the man and woman of the coffee shop then they should be great!

Both the guy and perhaps especially the gal have very nice smiles. The gal says that after being away from God in some her teens she sought God again and prayed at times that God or Jesus show Himself as real to her in various ways and she says that God/Jesus answered those prayers, but we did not get to the details of any of the story!

It turns out that the gal the worship leader or a worship leader and the guy is one of the elders of the church!

The church where they help pastor the church is an amalgam of a new church plant and an older nearly dying church which had lost direction and was lacking pastors, direction and leadership.

They got together but I think they said that the churches had a bit of a struggle in the first year of getting along and agreeing on how to do things. The older dying church had property and the church plant group had passion and a vision.

Meeting all the Christians on Monday morning made me wonder if I should print up a page for some of them, for any future encounters and sharing prayer requests!

The Church of the Valley though has services only on Sunday mornings and the church of Christ of Campbell has services only on Sunday mornings! This is very hard to take.

My idea of church actually has church service more frequently and makes it easier to go to 2 or 3 churches, if needed and desired, in a given week.

I complain to God at times about things . . . I am not sure if this complaint will work very well, however. Oh, God, why are there two seemingly nice churches and they do not appear to have evening services also?

I will file a complaint with the God of storms!

Oh, there is one more fun thing about meeting the two of them this morning.

As we were finishing and perhaps after we had been praying, the guy said that the “Bible study” they had begun before I said hi was without direction and passion, for it was the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1. He wondered or implied that God had set things up in a way that my presence was not an interruption and was a very welcome divine appointment, though he did not use that phrase. He just said or implied that it was interesting that I would interrupt their study on a day on which they did not seem to have a lot to say or discuss!

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