Explanation of a sign re Hot or Not Contest at Mount Si High School

UPDATE: I have created a new website on the topic of the Mount Si Hot or not contest, with the ability of visitors to love pages.  The site is mountsicuteornot.com.

I am think of doing some public awareness protesting re the Mount Si High School and its suppression of the Hot or Not contest.

I have created a sign suitable and then an explanation of the sign.  Here is the explanation . . .

Explanation and discussion of the sign

Some student speech is constitutionally protected. The US Supreme Court has ruled that a student does not lose his 1st Amendment free speech rights when going to school or by going to school or by entering school property, generally speaking. The main Supreme Court decision on the matter is called Tinker. Although the courts protected some student speech in Tinker, the courts uphold restrictions in other cases.

The courts will regard different speech differently. The courts have protected students wearing armbands in protest of the Vietnam War and of trinkets for breast cancer awareness saying I love boobies. The court has upheld a restriction on a person/student promoting illegal drug use with “Bong hits for Jesus.”

A student viewing and/or voting in and/or participating in a hot or not contest is something that courts might regard as student speech. Courts would then decide if they wish to regard it as protected or not. The questions they would face and analyze would include to what degree, if at all, the speech takes place on campus, is school-sponsored or part of a school-sponsored event and/or to what degree the speech creates a material and substantial risk of disrupting classroom discipline and/or education.

If student speech does not create a substantial risk of disruption to education, it may be found to be protected by courts. I am not a lawyer. How courts would regard off-campus Hot Or Not I do not know. I asked the Mount Si high school for their legal and constitutional analysis justifying suppressing the Hot Or Not contest by threatening to withhold graduation. They did not respond to my request, at least as of 5/14/15. Whether Mount Si High school has done any constitutional analysis of stopping the contest, I do not know. Maybe they have and they simply have not bothered to provide me with the analysis as of 5/14/15. Please note that some persons are permitted by courts to sue as John Doe.

UPDATE: On the morning of Friday, May 15th, the or one of the vice-principals of the school called me and said that she believes in free speech, but that the contest was in fact disruptive to learning and I thanked her . . .

Students who wish to do something similar in the future may wish to learn about NPC and other similar bikini contests. Such bikini contests are usually not considered lewd and at times include minors in the audience or as contestants. Bikini contests are sometimes a part of a more general physique contest. Every year, for example, there is the annual Emerald Cup in Bellevue in May at the Meydenbauer Center. There are other similar contests in other months. This year the Emerald Cup was 5/9/15. Anyone who pays the entrance fee may enter.

A bikini contest a la NPC tends to include walking and posing front and back. Persons are graded on poise and grace, posing and walking, and their diet and workouts contribute to their figure. Every year, there are women in every state who train for and participate in such contests. Some of them train and practice for such contests for months.

If students were to create a bikini contest, they might be able to hold it with willing contestants . . . and having willing contestants might reduce the complaints made by young ladies who claim to be upset to school authorities. As for whether or not any of the young ladies would participate, that is up to them, but either having prizes or being able to compete against another school might provide them with motivation. Of course, at least some people might do it simply because they think it would be fun.

If any student is motivated and studies, he may be able to find a way to hold a contest which the school cannot suppress because the contest is protected by the 1st Amendment.

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