fishnets, women and church

It turns out that if you search on the net re fishnets, women and church, that there is actually page in some women’s forum discussing and polling on the topic of whether or not to wear fishnets to church, which is assuming, I assume, that you are a woman!

The woman who started the discussion said that she would far more easily wear bare legs than fishnets in church, but her boots were high and her skirt was modest and she was wondering how it would go. She attends a conservative church she says and then, later in the thread indicates that she wore them to church.

Some of the women seem to indicate that there are wider fishnet and micro fishnet.

One women says that she associates fishnet with hookers. One woman said she asked her hubby, prior to church, if her fishnets made her look like a prostitute. Her husband said, “No and prostitutes should be able to go to church!”

It appears that that woman, one of the ones who added to the “thread,” either did not wear her fishnets to church or choose a longer skirt.

When and where I went to church, all women and kind of, hopefully, all girls wore skirts to the knee or lower and none of them wore fishnets of either regular or micro-fishnet varieties.

Sooner or later I might visit more one of the two apparently evangelical churches of Berkeley . . . My friend Jimmy is probably more conservative than they are . . . You wonder how they respond, if at all. Probably not at all!

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