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I was in “jail” for a few weeks. The system was nice to me and I was in the Maleng justice center in Kent which is heaven compared to some other jails.

There was a bookcase and some books to read and I read about a book a day. The first book that I read was Flyboys about various of the naval aviators, or aviators per se during WWII in the Pacific theatre of war.

I think that during WWII we did not have naval aviation, but it was called army aviation. In the movie Pearl Harbor you see the commander say, Army pilots man your planes.

The recent court case with Brett Cameron and myself leads a person to think about the ethics of self-defense when such self-defense might lead to injury of a 3rd party.

Before going in to the jail I had thought about and read about the killing of French civilians by the Allies prior to and during and after D-day. Some people believe that fighting WWII was not just or good because we killed civilians on the opposite sides or even the French civilians who were presumably mostly innocent.

In Flyboys the author says that the pilots and bombers who flew the Doolittle raid on Tokyo killed a lot of civilians. Supposedly in fact we killed more Japanese civilians during WWII than we killed armed forces of Japan.

The Japanese did not have or practice much zoning and housing was intermixed with industrial areas and factors and shipbuilding for war.

So if we dropped bombs to destroy Japan’s war making ability then we would necessarily kill a bunch of civilians.

However, one interesting thing about the Doolittle raid on Tokyo is that there was wind and a storm that helped the American pilots take off and then arrive at Japan in a way that made it difficult for the Japanese anti-aircraft guns to shot down our planes.

Did the fact that the Doolittle raiders would kill civilians mean that their raid was in fact immoral and a war crime? Did the fact that the wind and the storm helped them get there and bomb Japan mean that God approved of the raid, even though the raiders would kill a lot of civilians in the process of the raid?

Personally, I think God approved of the raid, but I will happily await hearing from another jury in Seattle to find out if they think that Eisenhowever and the Doolittle raiders were in fact immoral war criminals.

By the way, in fact, because the Doolittle raiders killed civilians, all of those who were captured by Japan were convicted of war crimes and sentenced to death. But the Emperor or the Japanese half pardoned some of them and killed the others. Maybe the Emperor commuted the sentence of some of the raiders, so some of them survived the war.

There seem to be people of some juries who might say that zaitzeff acted wrongly and did badly because some spray might get on the kid. Is Eisenhower a war criminal and were the Doolittle Raiders criminals?

I’ll await a bit of input from God, who may know more than some juries.

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