Folklife 2015, May 22 to May 25th, 2015

I was at Folklife at the Seattle Center on each of the four days of the festival.  Each day I gathered signatures for some initiatives and then walked or wandered, clothed, with a free hugs sign.

There were approximately three gals who let us take photos of me and her hugging.

One gal requested a kiss and I kissed her.  God bless her!

One fellow was at a chess board and we played a game of chess.  I won but barely.

I interacted with three groups of Christians.  With one of them I heard them talking about God and introduced myself.

With another, they were puzzled about my sign and wished to ask questions.

With another, they were praying for people.

With the group that was puzzled about my sign, one person was a grandmother about my age.  She appreciated our conversation and I ended up giving her both a church business card and also my Greenlake walking websites card.  She laughed and showed the card to one or two of her grandkids who did not seem to be as impressed!

On the last day, there were two gals doing some belly dancing and that was quite nice!  They were each wearing special belly dancing “shorts” of some type . . .

When the gal asked for a kiss, we first pulled in to hug and she asked, “Where is my kiss?” or “Where will my kiss be?”

I kissed her on the mouth, but I could also have held her head in my hands while kissing!

One gal on a different day approached me to hug me and offered me some popcorn she had!  God bless her!  God bless all the gals and girls and guys who hugged me at Folklife this year!

Last year i had with me a sign that included a sentence about spanking and caning . . . and I was kissed or kissed 4 times, if I recall correctly.  I am not sure if the phrasing of the sign changes things . . . maybe it does . . .

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