Folklife 2015

I was at Folklife for each of the 4 days.  Each day I would begin with some signature gathering . . .  and then I would put away the signature boards and do some walking with my free hugs sign.  I am using and learning with a newer camera . . . I think it is called an Olympus SP600UZ.  I have previously used a bloggie at Greenlake.  The Olympus is faster in terms of how long it takes to go from being off to taking a good photograph . . .  The Olympus also gives a person the ability to take some photos using the zoom feature that gives the impression you were a few feet away from what you are photographing, although you might be 20 to 50 or even more feet away.  I have taken some photos from 30 or more feet away and some of them look as if they were taken from 5 or 10 feet away.  But I am still learning about that . . . and I only realized I needed to use zoom after the first day of photographing and some photos not turning out well . . .  I am pretty ignorant . . .

On Saturday or Sunday, after Folklife walking, I was at the gym and then walking back to my car, I had a near brush with some criminal behavior of a violent man in the street and his brandishing a cane or whip.  I wondered if that is a small coincidence resulting partly from praying for SPD to be in the right place at the right time to stop or detect crimes, though I am obviously not a part of the SPD!  However, I did have pepper spray with me . . . and two dozen bystanders seemingly did nothing . . . and I was left thinking about what I could have or should have done . . .  I also did little other than photographing the fellow from the rear as he was exiting the area.

Being in the presence of a man with a 4-foot whip or cane, brandishing it and using it to destroy some property in the presence of about two dozen witnesses . . . I assume I suppose that a lot of people are trained to not get involved . . . and I don’t know if anyone in fact called 911 . . .

At folklife, on the last day, I was invited to kiss a young lady.  I was walking and she approached me saying, “May I ask for a kiss?”  Then we came in and hugged and I didn’t kiss her immediately and she asked, “Where is my kiss?” or “Where will my kiss be?” and I kissed her!

Last year I was carrying a different sign which includes a sentence about men who are spanked or caned being happier.  I was kissed or asked to kiss several times, sometimes without “warning.”  I was also asked to demonstrate and/or discuss caning several times.  I was just using my basic usual sign this time and I wondered if the other sign had made me more accessible for surprise kisses in which a gal runs up or approaches me and simply kisses me as part of the hug.

I pray that God bless the gal I kissed!  God bless you, miss!

There was a gal doing some belly dancing on the lawn north of the fountain on the last day and she was interesting and good . . .

two gals walking to Folklife

a gal showing a nice figure while walking

gal with cool stuff . .

Here is a gal with “cool stuff.” . . We greeted each other . . . I think I should have asked if she kisses in greeting!

Here are two gals who hugged  .  . .




Here are two gals in yoga pants . . . Ha!



Here are several of the fun belly dancer!

Here are the images again!



Here is one of a fellow noticing a gal! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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