Four recent sexual attacks and david not around praying!

So . . . on July 18, 2018 the SPD took me away for a few days for my involuntary vacation in distracting and unsanitary conditions. The judge let me return to regular society a few days later but with conditions and one condition was not being near Greenlake and going for the usual walk there.

Normally, When I walk at Greenlake or elsewhere, and if and when I see a gal or young woman being pretty or interesting, in addition to perhaps taking a photo, I often pray for these people in various ways.

God, please bless this young lady, or other respectful words and thoughts to that effect. A significant amount of the time, when I pray, I pray God bless and help this person.

Sometimes I pray for guys also but it is not as frequent. I pray for some people who are pretty and interesting and ask God to bless them and I also at times pray for the sick and injured and for those troubled in the head and for several other kinds of persons. It is not very consistent when I am not taking photos and it is less consistent if the gal or young woman is not pretty. . .

Anyway, my not walking at Greenlake means my not seeing 1 to 2 dozen pretty young women a day, on a day of a walk, and praying for some of them, at Greenlake.

God bless and help them and keep them safe and give them peace and wisdom is a longer version of my usual prayer, but one I have not been praying for the women of Greenlake since July 18, 2018. I have not been around and forget about the young ladies other than for showing up to court dates and reading the news of repeated sexual assaults nearby.

Anyway, today it is in the news that police or law enforcement was passionately looking for an evil-doer, of sexual crime not completely specified, at a park in Lynnwood.

A link found next to that story tells of a rape or similar assault taking place at a Monroe park, earlier this month, in October 2018.

There was also obviously the news of Maria Ball who is a runner and who at times run at or near Greenlake and who got grabbed and escaped from a person supposedly or potentially of some of the homeless encampments. And the new news of the Maria Ball story is that after her story was in the news, another woman called police to report a similar attack on herself. Here is the news found at kiro7

Seattle Police announced Monday they received a call from another woman who was attacked near Green Lake just over a week ago. The victim came forward to report she’d been groped after she heard Maria Ball had fought off an attacker who groped her as she ran along Ravenna Boulevard near I-5 early Friday morning.

So, we have had what seems to be 2 half-abduction groping incidents at Greenlake and 1 rape or near rape in Lynnwood and 1 rape or near rape in Monroe, reported in the local news, in the last several weeks. Total incidents reported in the news, 4 in the space of about 3 weeks.

The incident at Monroe is being reported as an actual completed rape. 1 rape; 1 other something similar; 2 groping-grabbings for abduction maybe. 2 of the incidents reported at or near Greenlake.

Now I do often seriously wonder to what degree God pays attention to me when I pray . . . and basically right now, at least some SPD and at least some womens-defender advocates consider me guilty of assault.

So the judge in Seattle does not want me around Greenlake and, so sorry, I have not been praying very much for the people there. I actually have not been praying for them at all other than for one particular person that God show him the right way and help him find happiness.

Anyway, we shall see if the upcoming jury is not a block-head about self-defense . . . Either soon or in 2 years or 3 years I may get to walk at Greenlake.

Now, there is absolutely no effect when I pray that God help people, right?

Whether or not I pray, “God bless and help that young women,” or “God bless and help those young women,” really makes no difference, I am sure . . . Ha, ha, ha; it is none at all I am sure . . .

Praying for the women and young women of Greenlake makes no difference . . . and after I die, God will protest to me about people I saw who are sick and injured and for whom I did not pray . . .

God says, “Hey, what about this guy?! What about that guy?!”

I say, “Oh, and my praying actually makes a difference in the lives of these people? I thought it might once in a while, like 1 in 20 or 30 situations . . . maybe . . . but it does not seem to be very consistent . . . The results seem really sporadic and you wanted me to make sure to include the guy who can’t walk and a lot of others? Praying for these extra people would have been more work.”

Anyway, . . . oh, yeah, sure . . . lets have the jury convict me of 2 counts of assault and have me not walk at Greenlake for the next 2 years . . . and abstain from praying for the women who visit the park to walk or run. . .

and rather than my praying, “Oh God, please bless and help that woman,” I pray instead, “God show the city of Seattle the right way and help them stop their evil.”

From the point of view of the residents of Seattle, the prayer, “God bless and help that woman,” is probably a lot more fun than, “God show people of Seattle the right way,” as I am praying now.

Right? Some people will figure it out!

God show the city of Seattle the right way! God show Hay, Keller and Holmes and others the right way!

Below is Michael Smith singing the worship song surrounded, and there is also a song drummed listed as the Confederate army on the march. Of course, no intent to adopt or promote false ideologies . . .

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