Fresno state and partly bare chests

Fresno state has a rec center for students. It is now in the news for discriminatory enforcement against women for the offense of wearing a bra rather than a shirt while the men wear such things and worse without being reprimanded or penalized.

Women are complaining and reporting the bad policy which is being imposed on women if they wish to work out in a sports bra and are near men in tank tops and other things showing the male physique.

It is pretty bad behavior. People definitely wore sports bras or tank tops only at the gym I used in Seattle. I assume that someone would have been badly insane or abnormal to complain, but Fresno state has adopted a more conservative rule, and then, applied the rule to women and not to men.

The women had in fact learned to tolerate seeing some bits of a male torso or even flashes of male nips, reportedly, gracefully and without a problem, and then, staff asked a women to cover up for the sake of 2 inches of midriff!

So reports the Collegian newspaper of the place!

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