Friday at Sacramento! 12/20/19!

I had reasons related to work to be in Sacramento this Friday, though I expected to arrive much earlier.

I watched the Jedi movie last night and got done with the movie at almost 1 in the morning. Then I needed to take a nap on the way to Sacrament and I did not wake up till nearly 4 in the afternoon!

So I arrived in Sacramento completely late and went to the Twin Peaks. Below are a few of the nice photos from Twin Peaks!

I could have and should have done much better with the photos, but the environment was slightly unfamiliar. This Twin Peaks is not very bright between 5 and 7 p.m. in all spots!

My hostess was very nice and I have a photo of her!

There were two other hostesses showing a lot of their behinds, depending on their preference. We are in Santa week at Twin Peaks and the hostess wear Christmas costumes and each one gets to choose how much to show or not show!

Mine was way more modest by comparison. Several would be illegal, in terms of butt revealing, in the parks of Berkeley or Oakland and some other cities. I would have an excellent photo of one of them but the table settings of another table between myself and the waitress were in the way! I should have found a way to move them!

My hostess was so gracious and said hello and also told me, “no rush” in terms of leaving or paying the bill! So I stuck around for an extra 30 minutes or so.

By the way, a few tables away there was a family or grouping of people and there were the kids at the table. There were 3 kids ranging in age from 1 to about 8. If and when kids go to Twin Peaks, is it normal for them or a challenge? Do “we” think of it as a negative influence on kids and their perception of men and women? The hostesses are partly dressed decoration and some are in underwear of various types.

I do not know, but all the guys treat them well, or so I hope!

I drove over to the Starbucks on Zinfandel. I would have tried to find a different coffee shop, but you never know what they are like and I knew that this one would be suitable!

At the Starbucks there were fewer than ten people, though the Starbucks closes after 9!

I ordered and sat down. A mom and her girl of middle school age entered. The mom ordered. While waiting the girl began to dance and wave her arm as if twirling something or waving a pom pom or what have you.

The mom says nothing but, while looking my way, she shakes her head, not to me, but about her daughter doing her impromptu dancing!

I smiled and laughed and the mom also smiled!

It is a bit unbelievable, but basically, I have now prayed and am praying for the girl in the red sweatshirt in Starbucks! I almost was able to take her photo!

I think that the mom’s shaking of her head meant for me to forgive the kid for being a bit fun and crazy! The mom was not really angry, just surprised and did not know if I or others might react badly! God bless the girl in red from Starbucks on Zinfandel!

So, does the girl often dance and wave spontaneously in Starbucks or, did God or angels nudge her cause they like my praying for her, or does the girl read minds and figure I would appreciate it and have fun watching her?

By the way . . . yes she was dancing and twirling her arm . . . and no . . . this is the only time I have seen a girl in Starbucks dancing, waving or twirling!

Here are the photos from Twin Peaks . . . next time I will do better! God bless Elizabeth and Hope, two of the hostesses!

This is Elizabeth. She is very nice as a person! God bless her!

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