Friday, August 7, 2015, an exceptional day!

I walked at Greenlake today.  I walked from about 3:10 to about 4:45.

Today seemed to be a quite good day.  I wrote previously that I was a bit unsettled from the assault of last Saturday and then police patrol had decided again to park at the parking lot on Tuesday, which suggested to me slightly that they had some at least mild concern.

And then Wednesday was a fantastic day and today was another exceptional day!

There were four people who said hi to me or greeted me personally at close range.  One of them said to me, “It is a good day to be nude.”  Another of them was a woman who smiled at me in a gentle and appreciative way  just after some fellow was briefly berating me.  There was a man and woman couple who also said hi, while we were on the path together.

There was another fellow and gal and they were sitting down on the grass and talking about me.  I turned and looked at them and they waved and gave me a thumbs up and encouraging gestures.

It is entirely possible to have a day of walking at Greenlake with no interaction with other people, either positive or negative.  In this case, there were six persons who reacted with me in a positive, appreciative or friendly way!

I could be wrong, but I think more people come to the lake on Fridays than M-F and that may make a difference  . . . also, as you walk slightly later in the day, there are perhaps more people.

Here are two photos of a gal or girl on the East Greenlake beach.





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