Friday, July 10, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today and I had a crazy, funny experience!

I was wearing the skimpiest item I have with a see-thru sarong over it.  The skimpy item is bare on the left and a strip on the right.  I had had no interactions with people I wish to mention until just before the very end.

There was a young girl, one just older than a toddler, and her mom.  By my estimation of age, she was 3 or maybe 4. I was walking west and they were walking east.  The young miss points at me–or towards me–and asks, “Does he have underwear on?”

The mom says to the girl, “He sure does,” and is smiling.  Thank you unknown mom for being in a happy, cheerful mood and not unnecessarily agitated!

Ha!  How funny!  I helped a mom to smile, I think!

There are no calls in reference to me on the online crime map . . . for today!

I have written that weird coincidences happen in my life.

This evening, I went grocery shopping.  After buying groceries, I was looking at movies in the redbox machine.  I realize there is a woman behind me.  I offer to let her go first and she say not I can go first and I say I am just browsing and she says, “Lets browse together.”  And she encourages me to see American sniper which I get and I encourage her to see the Loft if she can stand some drama, sex and mystery.

So, for whatever reason, I seem to have made two ladies happy today, perhaps both mom’s but we don’t know if the 2nd lady is a mom!


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