Friday, July 26, 2019 Madison

I walked some today at Madison Park. Some fireguys were doing training at the beach and I included photos of them.

There are some women being pretty. There was one woman walking down the sidewalk in a very high slit red dress, while holding it open enough to see a lot of leg from the front! Moreover, the dress was partly see-through!

So, the question is, Was she going out with a guy friend or going out on her on or was she just having fun by showing off while walking on the sidewalk?

The fun and funny thing is that when I walk, if and when I take a person’s photo and I believe they are being fun, pretty, interesting, revealing, fun or beautiful, I pray for her that God bless and help her! I pray for the sick and afflicted also, but I do not see them as much!

Anyway, this evening we had a woman walking in the sidewalk. She was not at the beach, merely going towards Madison Park. Does she normally dress in this way to have fun with us and attract some attention? I do not know. It worked for me!

So, the questions are, “Is this normal for her?”

“Or did God lead her to walk on the sidewalk in a fun way so I would pray for her or to be nice to me?”

“Or, did she somehow learn that I enjoy taking photos of some people who are attractive figured she would see if she drew my attention?”

It would be on a lark cause there is no telling if and when I will pass by any given spot!

I do not know! God bless her either way!

Oh, the news says that a deranged and crazed man attacked a stranger and then attacked an SPD parking enforcement guy or gal. He was subdued but after, reportedly, nearly gouging the eyes of the officer and hitting or slamming the officer’s head into the pavement.

Now the deranged man had with him a sunroof that he was swinging about to hit people. Admittedly.

What is a parking police officer doing with his head being slammed into the ground by a deranged partly armed assailant? It is was the report says happened, in part.

Do these guys all sleep through class? C’mon. The average police officer should have some training with the average homeless or deranged assailant lacks . . . Do we have more police here with no training or no weapons?

firemen doing some training here today!
God bless you!
Very fun! Thank you and God bless you, miss!
I think this camera focused on some bush or plant! This is hard to believe! Do we think the young lady is a “girl” because her hair length is long? I would guess so, but that is not an infallible way to know!

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