Friday, May 1, 2015, walking at Greenlake

I walked at Greenlake yesterday/May 1st.

One fisherman expressed some irritation in a peaceful way.  No hugs today.  Today is the first day that there was a gal, only one though, sunbathing in a bikini or something equivalent.

Towards the beginning there were two persons who acted in a way suggesting they might be photographing me . . . halfway through, a fellow was on the lawn with another fellow and both had large cameras or videos . . . and one of the fellows with a camera saw me and gleefully ran up towards me to place himself probably behind me and we smiled at each other as we passed by each other . . .  Perhaps I will be on the Net somewhere for today other than on this blog!

During the walk I had prayed but had forgotten to praying for SPD to be in the right place at the right time to stop or detect crimes.  Just after reaching my car at the end and my being about the leave Greenlake, an SPD patrol car drove past and it was ahead of me as I was driving a bit.

Because of seeing the patrol car, I was reminded to be in prayer for SPD that they be in the right place at the right time to stop and detect crimes.

There were no 911 calls logged in the online crime map related to me as best I can see . . .

Later during the day, while walking in clothing downtown, there was one interesting gal in an all-red dress .  . . and a different one in a shorter black skirt . . .  Here are two images . . .  I think the unposed pose is actually quite pretty!

05012015blackskirtgal1smaller 05012015blackskirtgal2smaller



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