Friday, May 19, 2017, walk 8 at Greenlake, c 14& 15, thongs up to 6

I walked at Greenlake today from about 3 to about 5.

Near the time that I began, I was at the pull-up rings and attempting a few pull ups. There was laughter from behind me. I turned and acknowledged several people with a V-sign of greeting. They responded with a V-sign and took my photo!

One woman was sunbathing in a full thong rather than a tanga thong. That is fairly rare for Greenlake.  I see it less than 5 times a year, I think.

As I walked, on one occasion a young woman smiled and waved, and another smiled and nodded in greeting.

A man who had in past years threatened me or used abusive language did not do so while we past each other on this walk. Is that because he had gotten bored with the project of threatening me, or is that because I am wearing the knife I carry differently? I don’t know!

There have been reports of rapes in the news at MTHS and at Bainbridge HS. I think that some of the rapes would be prevented or some of them more easily detected and proven if some of the girls had weapons or self-defense training. I wrote a letter addressed to RHS students encouraging them to consider weapons carry and seeking a class or club for self-defense or martial arts.

I have not put any out, but will do so in the next few weeks. There is a school in Arizona with a teacher who teaches martial arts in some PE classes and a story about him comes up when we search on that topic. Schools in Seattle or nearby seem to not encourage or teach fighting back–at least so far as we know from their public statements, their careless response to rapes as reflected in one MTHS student news article and their PE classes.

RHS is not in the news for tolerating rapes or having rapes, but RHS is simply nearby and with lots of students who park on the streets more or less. Maybe some of the girls will ask parents or the school for a martial arts class or some womens self-defense instruction.

Maybe in the fall I will go to RHS or MTHS and have a sign encouraging the kids to ask for a women’s self-defense class or martial arts class in PE.



her yoga pants are see-through enough to see her panties . . .




rare for Greenlake


I think she is topless here . . .

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