Friday, May 4, 2018, the very nice WSP officer and praying for him

I do not go to the Lucky Strike much in Bellevue, but a few times a year I go . . . and am often bored in the next 20 or 30 minutes and leave.

And I figured I would go last night, Friday night. I head over between 9 and 10 and then wander a bit and decide to leave, though one set of pants, perfectly decent, did draw a notice or two.

Anyway, I leave just after 10 p.m. and there is this giant parking garage in the Bellevue Square area. Normally when you start your car at night you are in an area in which the surrounding area is dark and you turn on your lights.

The Bellevue Square parking lot is lighted. So, at 10 p.m. at night, I begin my trip inside a lighted garage . . . and I manage to not notice what I should have while on the roads.

I leave Bellevue Square and head south on 405 and then west on i-90. A few feet away from my usual exit to Mercer Island the car behind me lights up with an array of police lights.

We are a few yards from the exit off-ramp and I pull over to the side as much as reasonable and open my window to my left.

Man approaches on my right and requests the window be pulled down there, which is for his safety, given the situation, so he is less exposed to the traffic passing by.

We visually check my license and insurance . . .

Man/officer asks how much I have had to drink . . . I say none . . . and, if any weed,

“No. I used to be Mormon . . . I don’t drink or use the other things.”

Man returns my license to me; he has not run the numbers or the car plates in his car computer.

Man/officer helps insure that my lights in fact were in good order and turned on . . .

Man/officer let me go with no ticket.

I do not know if this man was quite nice or if I have a disarming manner or if God nudged the guy to be nice in some way . . .

A ticket for failure to use headlights or driving without headlights on on can typically result in a fine ranging from $130 to $200, and also often results in mandatory attendance at traffic school, . . .

Sometimes I pray for the police that they be safe and in a good place to catch evildoers.

I think I will pray for this guy and for the whole WSP group in King county . . .

Back in 2011 I was in Sacramento and there were a few times that some people felt to give me money or a gift . . . A friend and I wondered what led to that and I said I did not know. Maybe God wanted to be nice to me on those days or maybe God liked the idea of my praying for these strangers who were nice to me with their small gift or gifts. Did God lead 2 to 5 people, in that summer, to give me a gift, so that I would pray for them, and something useful be accomplished? I do not know enough to know . . . but I had let the SPD officer last week who helped me find mom know that I prayed for SPD at times . . . they end up taking calls about me once in a while and they could be doing a more useful thing and it is a small thing I can do for them . . . Anyway, now and tonight and perhaps on some other days I will be pray for this guy/officer and his comrades.

Sometimes I am discouraged about praying much and I often do not pray much for others. When women are being pretty at Greenlake or if they are being noticeably pretty or sharp in some way downtown, I tend to pray that God bless them which is my small way of thanking and appreciating their being pretty. Or I pray God bless you as a form of verbal greeting, but that includes guys and it is with a somewhat different or overlapping group of persons who are nice.

On Thursday I was walking at Greenlake and one young woman (wearing a backpack) was ahead of me on the path and then she pulled off and sat down on the grass. I looked her way; she looked back; I said Greetings and she replied with something similar. I then said, “God bless you,” and she replied with “And to you,” or something equivalent. It was very funny; I thought, “I have been blessed by a girl!”

In any case, I do not know if the man was being nice or if he figured he should be looking for persons doing worse mistakes than my mistake on Friday . . . license returned . . . no ticket . . . no computerized ID check so far as I know; and now I will pray for this guy/officer. I guess I should be thankful I must assume that there is no significant quota influencing this guy; or, maybe there are worse dumb-dumbs who have in fact been drinking who needed the attention of the patrol.

God help this wsp patrol officer and his comrades to be safe and some of them to be in a good place at the right time to prevent evil or stop or catch the evil-doers.

God keep the MIPD officers safe and help them to be in a good place at the right time to stop evil.

God help the SPD officers to be safe and help them be in a good place at the right time to stop evil-doing in general or hurtful acts by drug users and the mentally ill with whom they must deal at times.

God bless the people of Seattle for being at times pretty and fun at Greenlake. God bless the young lady who said hi on Thursday. God give them happiness, peace and wisdom and a lack of fear. If there are persons who engage in flashing, groping, rape or attempted rape in Seattle, God get ahold of them in whatever way is best so they hurt or upset fewer people.

The man was nice to me . . . I pray that God help him in his work . . . I do not know if God pays attention to me when I pray for him and his friends, but it seems like a reasonable minor thing to do for him and his friends.

Of course, every summer I pray for several hundred women and some of the girls at Greenlake . . . whether God pays attention when I pray that God bless or help someone I do not know!

Sometimes when I pray I ask God the question, “Do you pray attention when I pray for other people?”

I do not know . . . but when people are nice to me, I try to be nice . . .

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