Friday, October 27, 2017 Twin Peaks sword story!

So, there is a crazy restaurant in Tukwila which is Twin Peaks. The restaurant is crazy in that the waitresses/servers wear shorts and some of them engage in friendly or personal conversation with patrons.

There are a dozen or so waitresses/servers.

I met a newer one a month ago and I had not been in the restaurant while wearing a knife or my sword and also having this one as the waitress, cause it had been a few months since I had most recently worn my sword or knife at this restaurant.

But I figured that this newer waitress would enjoy seeing or asking about the sword, if I manage to arrive on a day when she is being a server and I am wearing the sword.

The schedules of the servers is not fully predictable.

Anyway, I visit Twin Peaks in Tukwila around 3 for very late lunch. The staff mostly know me and we know from experience that my wearing a sword or knife is not a severe burden on their heart-rate, and their heart-rate does not result in extra 911 calls or medical help being required. Though, the first time I wore the knife I was dressed as Indiana Jones right after being at a costume convention, so it was half-normal and people perceived me as being in an Indiana Jones outfit. I also dress up most of the time that I go to this restaurant.

I walk in and I am seated at a booth. The newer server is not present this particular afternoon and I am assigned a different server, also friendly, but one I have known for months.

I set the katana to my left on the table of the booth. The server comes and asks questions re food and she is on my right.

We do our usual OJ and then chicken chipotle and we converse about her mouse or cat ears (which were they?) and some of the others outfits for Halloween weekend, which were a mixture of cats, maybe mice, bunnies and a few other items. (The different servers had made their own choices as to what outfit to wear for the Halloween weekend.)

Near the ending of the meal time, I ask the server if she had seen me previously when I had been in with the sword. She said, No, though she had seen me, she thought, while I was wearing a knife. She then also said she had not noticed the sword lying on the table!

Then she also said, “That is scary.” (The sword was in its sheath and untouched.)

Ha! Though she was, as always, happy to be the server!

It reminds me of times I have worn a holster on a belt or a visible knife while walking downtown and then encountered several persons who know me or are friendly . . . and I find out, near the end of the conversation, that they did not notice me as wearing a holster or a knife.

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