Friday’s praying and synchronicity

The second major practitioner of secular or semi-secular psychology might be Carl Jung. Jung believed in some sort of spiritual force or forces and he believed that something or someone somehow at times arranged peculiar meaningful coincidences to communicate a message or idea to a person.

Jung is a little bit famous for creating the word and concept of synchronicity and there is his golden scarab beetle story. He claims he was attempting to help a woman patient who resisted for a time some attempts to help.

The woman had a dream one night of a beetle and the next day, while telling Jung about the dream, Jung says that a golden scarab beetle tapped on the window to get inside. Jung let in the beetle and showed it to the woman.

At lunchtime today I figured I would and I kind of perhaps should try to pray for some of the people I see or appreciate that God keep them safe or protect them. I prayed in that way for several persons at lunchtime. Some were in the pizza line or nearby and one was the haircutter.

The pizza place closes at 3 and then opens again at 4:30. Often I try to return at 4:15 or 4:20 or 4:25.

I was running late today and passed quickly by the flower shop next to the pizza place. I know the people there but not very well. We chat once a month or so, I think. That is not often, even though I pass by the flowers every single day, often more than once.

I was passing by the flower shop today moving quickly at about 4:25, which is late and trying to get to the pizza line.

As I passed by the flower shop, someone said to me, as I was running or walking quickly by, “Good luck.”

I immediately prayed for her or them. I greeted people in the pizza line and then I returned and said that I had just begun to be praying for people that God be protecting them, in general and from the coronavirus, and I prayed again out loud for them that God be protecting them.

The woman said thanks and she also blessed me back and likewise prayed for me that God protect me!

It normally does not happen that a person or woman in the flower shop speaks to me as I am walking past or running past, quickly, and not looking at them!

Another woman, not long afterwards, if I recall correctly, was also thankful I was praying for her that God protect her. However, my memory of that is not as clear.

So, does God like it slightly that I am praying God would protect some people and did God nudge the woman in the flower stand to give her form of greeting, leading me to let her know I was praying and praying specifically that God protect her and them from the coronavirus and similar evils?

I do not know. I just know that most days, the people in the flower shop do not initiate conversations with me! It is 90% or 95% or so or higher that I walk by and they do not say hi or greet me!

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